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Mobile+ Technology
By PiPcall

A desk phone that fits in your pocket

PiPcall is a fully featured mobile-based phone system with consistent call quality and resilience at its heart.
What is the different between a mobile call and a mobile data call?

It is a common misconception that making phone calls and sending text messages use mobile data. These activities do not use data at all.

What is a mobile call?

In an ordinary mobile phone call, sound travels in the form of analogue signals. Mobile phones communicate with each other through coverage cells on that correspond to geographical areas (this is why they’re called cell phones).

When you call someone using a cell phone, the data gets transferred from one cell to another until it reaches the recipient.

The quality of a voice call is much more important than the quality of an internet connection, so phone networks have invested more in making sure calls sound good.

What is a mobile data call?

Data calls via VoIP mobile apps package voice as digital 'packets' which are transmitted over the internet. The transmission is facilitated by Wi-Fi and mobile networks 3G, 4G and 5G.

The advantage of VoIP is they provide enhanced communication between individuals or groups on a mobile. The ability to make and receive calls is only one of the functions of a VoIP service. That’s the primary reason why businesses are increasingly adopting it.

If you’re on a very low-data connection, or if you don’t have Wi-Fi access, your call may not go through

How does Mobile+ work?

Voice calls on the PiPcall app are mobile calls. This means all PiPcall calls are made over the mobile voice network just like a normal mobile call and not over the internet like a mobile data call or a Wi-Fi call.

PiPcall piggy-backs off the SIM in the mobile device. It is carrier agnostic so if the user is a Vodafone customer PiPcall calls over the Vodafone network. Likewise, if the user is an EE customer the call goes over the EE network. However, if the user’s phone has a Wi-Fi calling feature, PiPcall can make use of this, again just like a normal call.

But uniquely the PiPcall app call includes all of the features available in a VoIP mobile data call.

The PiPcall app gives you the best of both worlds. It integrates the feature rich capabilities of an internet call with the robustness and quality of a mobile call. This gives business users the best possible experience when calling from a mobile app.

Introducing Mobile+

Mobile Plus technology by PiPcall combines the resilience and quality of mobile calling with the features of a VoIP softphone in one mobile app.

The history of mobile calling

At just after midnight on 1 January 1985 in Parliament Square, London, Michael Harrison made the UK's first mobile phone call over Vodafone's cellular network.

Since then, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) such as Vodaphone, EE, O2 and Three have invested billions into the infrastructure that makes mobile calls the most resilient robust and high quality of any phone calls.  

But there has been no development in combining enhanced calling features with these quality calls for business users. Enhanced features like call recording, call whisper, CRM integration and call transfer have only available in internet calling apps (VoIP apps) which have inferior call quality to mobile calls.

Introducing the Revolutionary Mobile+ Technology from PiPcall

Experience the power of seamless communication with Mobile+ Technology by PiPcall. This innovative technology combines the robustness and clarity of mobile calling with the advanced features of a VoIP softphone, all in one mobile app.

How does it work

PiPcall leverages the SIM in your mobile device to deliver outstanding calling experiences. Regardless of your carrier - be it Vodafone, EE or any other - PiPcall will make calls over your carrier's network, just like a normal call. If your device has a Wi-Fi calling feature, PiPcall can make use of it as well.  

With PiPcall, you'll enjoy all the features of a VoIP softphone, including call recording, voicemail, call whispering, and ring groups.  

The app integrates seamlessly with eSIM and SIM technology, giving you access to mobile data paid for by your employer, which you can use on your personal device.
Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional mobile hardware and embrace the freedom of Mobile+ Technology by PiPcall.

The Advantage of PiPcall
The outstanding features of Mobile+ make it a prime solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities. With its cutting-edge technology, PiPcall offers a unique and ideal blend of:

Advanced calling features such as call recording, IVR functions, and group pickup. Crystal-clear voice quality over dedicated voice channels. Innovative data packages that allow businesses to provide data to employees' personal devices at no cost. These factors make PiPcall an ideal mobile solution and a perfect alternative to traditional mobile hardware, offering the ultimate bring-your-own-device experience.