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PiPcall Mobile+ is a business mobile solution that enhances mobile calls.

A desk phone that fits in your pocket

PiPcall is a fully featured mobile-based phone system with consistent call quality and resilience at its heart.
An innovative use of the mobile voice network

Mobile phones have long been the go-to choice for businesses with a mobile or distributed workforce. Business mobile calls over the dedicated mobile voice network are consistent and reliable but have limitations: 1) a lack of advanced calling features 2) inadequate call analytics and 3) an inability to interconnect individual mobile users into one system.

In the realm of business mobile calls, mobile apps from VoIP phone systems or cloud phone systems have led the charge in innovation, offering features like call recording, call transfer, interconnected staff networks, and shared contact directories among others. However, they rely on a stable internet or mobile data connection to perform at a standard good enough for businesses. A poor or intermittent connection results in inconsistent call quality and potential downtime making the features unusable.

Built on the dedicated mobile voice network, Mobile+ gives business mobile users reliable and consistent call quality combined with enhanced voice features, elevating the calling capabilities of their business mobile phones.

So, rather than combining a VoIP or cloud phone system with a business mobile service to achieve the level of calling you need on your mobile phone, Mobile+ delivers it in their business mobile service.

How does Mobile+ work?

PiPcall leverages the SIM in your mobile device to deliver outstanding calling quality and features. Regardless of your carrier - be it Vodafone, EE or any other - PiPcall will make calls over your carrier's network (dedicated mobile voice network), just like a normal mobile call. If your device has a Wi-Fi calling feature, PiPcall can make use of it as well.

What are Mobile+ enhanced features?

With PiPcall, you'll enjoy all the features of a VoIP softphone, including call recording, voicemail, call whispering, and ring groups.

What is the difference between a mobile VoIP call over the internet and a traditional mobile call over the dedicated mobile voice network?

A mobile VoIP call and a traditional mobile call are two methods of voice communication using mobile devices, with key differences in the underlying technology and infrastructure used for transmitting voice data.

What is a mobile call?

On a mobile call when you speak into a mobile phone a microphone turns your voice into electrical signals. A microchip in the phone modulates (or varies) a radio wave using the electrical signal. The radio wave travels through the air to a nearby cell tower; the tower receives the signals and sends them to its base station, which manages the local part of the mobile network, known as a cell. From here, calls are directed to their destination.

What is a mobile data call?

A mobile VoIP call uses Voice over Internet Protocol technology to transmit voice data over the internet in the form of data packets. VoIP calls require a data connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) and a compatible mobile app or service, such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. VoIP calls offer flexibility, potential cost savings, and additional features like video calling and messaging but depend on a stable internet connection for optimal call quality.

In summary, VoIP mobile calls use internet connections and mobile apps to transmit voice data, offering flexibility and additional features, while mobile calls use the dedicated mobile voice network, providing wider coverage and more stable connections.

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