We're on a mission to empower business mobility

PiPcall has combined decades of experience in telecoms with fresh innovation to develop Mobile+. Built for out-and-about workforces, Mobile+ offers high quality reliable calls integrated with state-of-the-art Unified Communications and advanced calling capabilities.

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Why we do it

Whether your business is small or large, new or established we wanted to deliver a better digital communication solution to anything that was previously on offer. One that was founded on call quality and had no hidden fees.

From personal experience, we knew VoIP based (or internet calling) apps were not sufficient for business. Delayed conversations or patchy reception can be disastrous when there is a need to communicate critical information. They did, however, offer a host of advanced features not available natively on mobile phones.

That's why we created Mobile+, a revolutionary app where calls are made over the voice network, the same one you've come to trust and rely on for your native calls. This robustness and clarity of voice is combined with our enhanced features to give you a solution that is unmatched in the market.


How it works

Mobile+ by PiPcall leverages the SIM in your mobile device to deliver outstanding calling experiences. Regardless of your carrier - be it Vodafone, EE, O2 or any other - PiPcall will make calls over your carrier's network, just like a normal call. A tiny amount of data is used to set up the initial call, but the call itself is just like your native call. This also means you won't miss a customer call due to data problems, as long as your phone has reception.

second SIM or eSIM might work, but with our app you get a clear and defined separation between what is business-related and what is personal to your employees. Work contacts, call history and messages are all kept neatly in the app and all business calls are supercharged with our enhanced features, typically only seen on VoIP softphones.


Our corporate and social responsibility

Our mission is to make PiPcall the best business phone for the planet, reducing the need for unnecessary fixed and mobile hardware, saving precious natural resources and conserving energy.

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Typical impact of average iPhone production*

72kg C02e / 365.5km driving / 39.2m3 of Co2 gas

*data as provided by Apple
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Crystal-clear calls with advanced features

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional mobile hardware and embrace the freedom of Mobile+ technology by PiPcall.

The outstanding features of Mobile+ make it a prime solution for businesses seeking to enhance their communication capabilities. With its cutting-edge technology, PiPcall offers a unique and ideal blend of:

Advanced calling features such as call recording, IVR functions, and group pickup. Crystal-clear voice quality over dedicated voice channels. Innovative data packages that allow businesses to provide data to employees' personal devices at no cost.

These factors make PiPcall the ideal mobile solution and a perfect alternative to traditional mobile hardware, offering the ultimate bring-your-own-device experience.

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