A desk phone that fits in your pocket

Business telecoms - but not as you know it. PiPcall is the most advanced mobile-first business phone service. It combines the resilience and quality of mobile calling with the features of a desk phone in one app.

No Dropped Calls
Other calling apps use your mobile data for calls. Our app uses your mobile voice network, just like a normal mobile call. This means you get greater call quality out and about and the impact on your battery life is significantly reduced. Unique and patented technology means your mobile minutes or data are not used for the calls you make.
Get the features of a desk phone in a softphone app designed for mobiles
Record your calls
Call recording on mobiles is now as effective as it is on business desk phones, VoIP systems, expensive call recording sims and mobile device combinations.
Shared contacts directory
Share your business contact directory across all your team members, and improve your communications
Dedicated number
Call from two different numbers on the same phone with the PiPcall app. Mobile, Geographic and International numbers available
International calls
Slash the cost of making international business calls on your mobile. Bring call rates on mobiles in line with PBX call rates colleagues enjoy on their desk phones
Customisable cloud-based platform
Connect your customers, supplies and the rest of the world to the right people in your business from our fully customisable and supported cloud-based system.
IVRs and Automated Greetings
Answers calls automatically with a personalised greeting and menu options. Automatically switch greetings for weekends and holidays.
Ring Groups and Business Rules
Route calls automatically to the right people to avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system. Create rules according to working hours and holidays.
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Access business phone features across multiple endpoints using the same number.

A ground-breaking mobile calling app

All Features
Set specific dates and times for business calls to go straight through to voicemail.
Ring groups and queues
Avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system.
Answers calls automatically with a personalised greeting and menu options.
Call routing
Easily route calls to users no matter where they are working
Call recording
Staff have the option to record calls from multiple devices wherever they are working.
Internal directory
Easily access contact details of other PiPcall users within your organisation straight from the app.
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