All of your team, all on PiPoffice, no matter their location

The unique groundbreaking app is the key element of a new PiPoffice mobile-only system.  Alternatively, it is offered as part of the PiPoffice hybrid phone system that also includes desktop apps and desk phone support, giving staff access to business phone features across multiple endpoints using the same number.

Mobile-only phone system

Achieve mobility and flexibility with the app-based phone system optimised for use on personal mobile phones.

Hybrid phone system

Mix and match mobile apps optimised for personal mobiles with desktop apps and desk phones to suit your staff’s communications needs.

Deskbound phone system

Not ready to go mobile? We provide desktop apps and support desk phones.


Integrate the PiPoffice phone system with major business applications.

Carrier-grade call quality built into the app

The app is designed to use the mobile-voice-network , delivering high-quality professional business calls anywhere. The app is primarily for use on personal devices – at no cost to the user.

PiPoffice Mobile App

The first mobile-only phone system optimised for Bring Your Own Device

Businesses can give employees the same functionality as a desk phone based system, on their personal mobile phones, with a total separation of calling and data built-in.

  • Complete separation of business calls, contacts and records from personal apps.
  • All app calls are made at no charge to the personal call plan.

For the new flexible way of working

Our corporate phone system is designed specifically for flexible working between the office, at home or out-and-about.

  • Each employee gets a DDI number and call plan for national and international calls, with access to over 50 calling features like call recording.
  • Employees experience a consistent calling experience whether they are using laptops, tablets, desk phones and, uniquely to PiPcall, smartphones to make calls.

Quality communications out and about, at home or in the office

Get all the communications tools you need to keep staff agile, productive and professional anywhere they work.

You are in safe hands

Our customer success team will ensure your system is setup quickly to your requirements and your team is trained in using the apps and hardware.

  • Live team training sessions via video conference
  • System setup based on your requirements
  • Direct support for users
  • ‘How-to’ guides and videos

The transition to a new way of working doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated

Trial for free

Use PiPoffice free to experience the benefits of a phone system, built for flexible working.

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