The app to replace desk phones and business mobile phones

Improve Your Business Communications

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Business Calls Anywhere

When staff are out-and-about or at their desk, they can make and receive business calls from their personal device at no cost to them. No need for a business mobile or desk phone.


Keep Your Business Connected

Redirect inbound calls from your main number to PiP users easily. Create call groups, queues and more using business rules like opening hours and staff timetables.

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High-Quality Calls

Calls are made over the mobile-voice-network (GSM network). Experience fewer dropped calls and reduced battery burn compared to internet calling.

Easy To Setup And Use

No matter which brand of mobile phone your employees’ have, whether it’s a Samsung or an iPhone, PiPcall will work. Plus, you only need to spend as little as 10 minutes integrating PiPcall into your business.

PiPcall calls over the UK mobile voice network

All calls are made via the Mobile Voice Network (GSM)

PiPcall has been designed to provide users with a premium level of communication. All calls are made over the GSM (global system for mobile) network and not over the internet like cloud apps. 

The GSM network is the universal standard for mobile calls across the globe and in the UK producing the highest call quality standards. This provides PiPcall users with a range of benefits only available from business mobiles, including:

  • Higher quality calls
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Less battery burn

Environmentally Friendly

  • Smartphone production represented just 1% of the carbon footprint in 2007 and will top 14% by 2040
  • Replacing business mobiles with PiPcall helps reduce global smartphone demand and saves precious natural resources and reduces wasted energy consumption
PiPcall Business Mobile IN An App - Environmentally Friendly

Business Phone System Features


Call Announcement

The caller is presented with a spoken message before the call is then transferred to a PiP user.  It can be set to activate at a particular date and time for closed periods and weekends.


Ring Group

Incoming calls are directed to a defined group of PiP users which can ring in a prescribed order. Either, in strict order or in a round robin, depending on who answered the call before.


Rule Based Forwarding

Calls are sent to different PiP users depending on time of day, day of week or other criteria.


Ported Number

Port your existing business number. It will point to the PiPcall+ switch and incoming calls can then be managed using the elements here.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This is a standard IVR with nested menus and the familiar Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Billing etc.  The resulting button presses can direct users to different PiP users or other functional components listed here.


Simultaneous Ring

Incoming calls are directed simultaneously to a defined group of PiP users and the first to answer the call stops the calls ringing on the other devices.


CLI Override

PiP users present any number that is ‘owned’ by the organisation when making a call. This is useful in that the PiP devices can make outbound calls with any return calls coming back through the main number.


Master Voicemail

The master voicemail will catch any unanswered calls. An email containing an MP3 recording of the message can then be emailed to a user or distribution list.

With PiPcall you save time and money by enabling employees to make high-quality business calls on their own smartphones wherever they are.

Assign Business Numbers

Staff are assigned a dedicated business number with the app. This will be their line of communication for all work-related matters.

  • Employees can choose their own business mobile number or landline number.
  • Employees’ business numbers remain separate and private from their own.
PiPcall Android App Contacts DIrectory
PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Has A Dedicated Business Number

Make And Receive Calls On The Move

Employees are no longer restricted to communicating via desk phones or business mobile phones. Staff can make calls and send texts to colleagues and clients regardless of their location at zero cost to them. 

  • Calls are made via the mobile voice network
  • PiPcall works on any network
  • Staff can communicate without draining personal data or minutes
  • Users are able to switch to ‘do not disturb mode’ after work hours

Manage Users From An Online Portal

The web-based portal allows administrators to manage all PiPcall users within the business. 

  • Add and remove PiPcall users
  • View all users in one place
  • Provide bespoke PiPcall packages based on individual usage
Manage number ownership on the PiPcall portal

Join The UK’s Fastest Growing Mobile-First Telecoms Company

Get Business Mobile Phone Features Without Paying Thousands

PiPcall offers a cheap business phone service with a host of unique features normally found on business mobiles. As it is a mobile phone in an app, it’s quick and cost-effective to deploy to your teams, bringing the best mobile business plans directly to your employee’s device.

call plan

Separate Call Plan

Calls are made over the GSM network, not VoIP and don’t use personal mobile plans

address book

Dedicated Contacts Directory:

Keep all business contacts in one place – separate from personal contacts


Separate Number

Use existing business numbers or assign new landline or mobile numbers.


Differentiated Ringtone:

Allows users to assign a different ring tones for incoming business calls received via PiPcall


PiPcall Voicemail

Dedicated voicemail that is separate from the personal voicemail system


Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

Switch on to have incoming calls sent straight to the business mobiles’ voicemail

The Future Of Business Mobile Phones

Learn how to solve the mobile-first dilemma
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What Is The PiPcall Business Mobile Phone Solution?

The PiPcall app is the simplest way for team members to make and receive business calls and more on their personal mobile phones. Replacing traditional business mobile plans with PiPcall eliminates:
  • Cost and inconvenience of carrying two mobile phones
  • Unreliability of soft-phones
  • Inflexibility of desk phones
  • Hassle of forwarding calls from a landline number
  • Unprofessional image of using personal numbers for work
An illustration of a typical work desk

PiPcall Reduces Telecoms Spend By Up To 90%

PiPcall, the trusted phone service providers for small business, will help you reduce the outgoing costs of running your business. Keeping personal and mobile phone business plans separate allows you to avoid spending time on expenses and saves you money.

  • Eliminates business mobile phone and other hardware costs
  • Generous call bundles for fixed, mobile and international calls
  • Eliminates mobile phone insurance premiums and replacement costs for lost and damaged devices
  • Reduces admin time for expense reconciliation
  • Secure, centralised billing. No in-app payments required
  • Idea small business mobile phone plans alternative
The PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Is Perfect For the Whole Team

Business Number And Contact Ownership?

Here at PiPcall, we operate as a fully functioning small business mobile phone plans solution that enables organisations to manage phone numbers and business contacts across multiple users. PiPcall will help you avoid two potential issues that arise from overlooking phone number and contact management:

The business doesn’t own the “sales number” as it’s the employee’s personal number.

The employee’s personal contacts list containing customer, colleague and supplier information. What’s stopping the employee taking all these contacts with them when they leave?

PiPcall’s corporate and small business phone plans to replace costly handsets ensure any issues of this nature are a thing of the past.

Manage number ownership on the PiPcall portal

Five Reasons To Choose PiPcall Over Business Mobile Phone Handsets

Request A Demo

Have further questions about our business mobiles alternative? Request a demo of PiPcall today and learn how you can implement our solution into your organisation.

What Are The Benefits of Utilising PiPcall For Business?

Benefits For the Employee

  • Works on any network and with any smartphone
  • Separate business mobile phone plans instead of using their personal plan
  • No need to carry two phones
  • Keeps personal phone numbers private
  • Allows employees to use the mobile device they are most comfortable with

Benefits For The Business

  • No high capital cost of company handsets
  • No expensive insurance, repair and replacement costs
  • No administrative hassle or cost of mobile expenses as PiPcall mobile phone business plans includes all the details you need
  • Keep track of all business calls
  • No complicated infrastructure

PiPcall Works Best With Your Existing Business Number

Experience what PiPcall is like as a small business mobile phone service by temporarily forwarding calls from your existing number to the PiPcall app during the trial.
PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Has A Dedicated Business Number

Personal Mobile Minutes Are Never Used

PiPcall makes calls over the GSM mobile network, unlike VoIP and cloud apps. Read more here. Calls made with the app do not use team members personal mobile minutes. This means you don’t have to worry about users being charged for business mobile phone calls. Plus, employers have access to the best mobile business plans that are great value for money.

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Zero Cost To The User

PiPcall Business Mobiles UK Policy Guidelines 

We have put together an example of how a PiPcall specific business mobiles policy could look. Feel free to take it and change to suit your needs. But please seek legal advice before you start implementing any policy in your business.

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Has A Dedicated Business Number

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Has A Dedicated Business Number

How does PiPcall establish business number and contact ownership via a virtual business mobile phone policy?

You can supply your employees with a paid business mobile phone service with the following features:

  • Extremely High-Quality Calls
  • Integrated Do Not Disturb Functionality
  • Dedicated Call Plan For Our Phone Within A Phone Solution
  • Differentiated Business Mobiles Activity
  • Contacts Directory: (securely manage customer phone numbers should an employee leave)
  • Business Voicemail
  • Call History Tracking
  • Ringtone

The administrator gets access to their own Admin Portal where they can easily manage users with the app:

  • Assign new mobile and geo-based UK landline numbers to employees
  • Existing business numbers can be linked to employees with the app
  • Numbers can be reassigned to new employees
  • Contact information is not stored on the employees’ phone; it’s all held in the app.
  • You can externally wipe the app if the phone is lost or the employee leaves

Whether you are beginning to look at corporate or small business mobile plans and policies or updating your existing one, management of your numbers and contacts is vital.

A business mobiles UK policy, when correctly implemented, will reduce business costs that could be used for other important investments. PiPcall is the smart business phones solution that achieves this without the need for a separate business handset. To learn more about PiPcall, please browse our resources section for helpful information. Get in touch today and sign up for a free trial.

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The PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Is Perfect For the Whole Team

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