The app designed for business teams to replace mobile handsets

All the voice and text functionality of a dedicated mobile handset in an app


Business mobile replacement

Avoid the high cost of acquiring, maintaining and upgrading business mobile phones. The PiPmobile app sits on staff personal smartphones – but at zero cost to them.

man on phone outsideoutgoing call ui
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A break-through in call quality
Other calling apps use your mobile data for calls. Our app uses your mobile voice network, just like a normal mobile call. This means you get greater call quality out and about and the impact on your battery life is significantly reduced. Unique and patented technology means your mobile minutes or data ae not used for the calls you make.
Manage all users from an online portal
Keep track of all phone calls, manage users and effortlessly add or remove numbers through an online management system.

The layout needs to be like the row above but with this image
pipcall portal
portal interface
App features

Get the mobile voice and text features of a handset without paying thousands

All Features
Separate call & text plan
Standard plans include a number, unlimited calls to all UK geographic and mobile numbers, and unlimited text messages.
Contacts directory
All business contacts are stored in a dedicated business directory in the app, not linked to the device’s native contacts.
Set specific dates and times for business calls to go straight through to voicemail.
Differentiated ringtone
Assign a different ring tones for incoming business calls received via PiPcall