Need a better way to connect with contractors working remotely, across multiple locations?
Are you struggling with on-site communication ?
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Advanced communication built for construction companies

What's Mobile+ we hear you say?

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Mobile+ provides your out-and-about workforce with mobile HD voice and reliable calls integrated with advanced unified communications. Our UK world-beating technology is developed specifically for those in the construction sector

BYOD-friendly plans. Leave work on-site

There’s no need to juggle two phones on top of your tools. Mobile+ equips employees with powerful calling and collaboration tools directly on their personal mobile devices for byod (bring-your-own-device). With a dedicated mobile number, separate data, calling and SMS plan, workers benefit from having all business calls, contacts, and messages separate from their private information.

Centralised communications. Hassle-free

PiPcall’s Mobile+ is a single solution designed to connect, secure, manage and supercharge your mobile ecosystem easily. Our intuitive admin portal brings these functionalities together in a centralised hub for businesses to monitor and analyse call activities for employees. Enhance coordination, security and project efficiency, all in one place.

One system. On-site business phone calls made easy

By harnessing the mobile voice network, Mobile+ ensures contractors can make HD voice calls, complemented by cutting-edge features like call transfer and call recording. With construction professionals on the move, no critical information is siloed, empowering agile workers to collaborate on and off-site.

Unsure whether to take the plunge?

Mobile+ is the ideal business mobile solution for on-the-go construction workforces, including:

Architectural activities, urban planning, and landscaping
Civil engineering projects
Construction across commercial and domestic buildings, to railways, bridges, tunnels and water projects
Site demolition and preparation
Quantity surveyors

Redefining The Mobile Call

Mobile+ offers state-of-the-art Unified Communications and calling capabilities like hold and transfer functionality over the dedicated mobile voice network. From call transfer to recording analytics, you can stay connected and support team members on-the-go.

Try Mobile+ for free today to experience enhanced mobile communications for your construction business.