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iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

Available on iOS and Android. Calls are made over the mobile voice network at no cost to the user.

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Phone System Features


UK based email and phone support.

Call screening

Inbound calls display the name and or number of the caller.

Voicemail to email

Voicemails are sent to your email to access and listen when required.

Call conferencing

Simple audio conference rooms accessible to users with a unique pin.

Ring groups, queues

Avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system.

Applied business rules

Route calls amongst staff according to specific days and hours.

Internal directory

Access internal PiPcall users directly from the app.

Call whisper

Allows managers to enter phone conversations to coach employees.

Three-way calling

Add a colleague or third party to a live call.

DDI numbers

A single DDI that works on the desk phone, desktop app and mobile app.

International numbers

Assign international numbers to staff according to where they do business.

Data security

Company data is kept on your system and never on the personal devices.

Call monitoring

Track activity like wrap time, calls per hour and call distribution no matter where your staff are located.

Call routing

Our apps and hardware means call routing staying within your phone network


Answers calls automatically with a personalised greeting and menu options.

Call recording

Staff have the option to record calls from multiple devices wherever they are working.

Mobile App Features

Simple user interface

A user interface designed to look like the native calling app.

Differentiated Ringtone

Assign dedicated ringtone to incoming calls from the app.

Corporate voicemail

Access to the corporate voicemail. No app calls go to the personal voicemail.


Incoming calls are sent straight to the business voicemail.

Data security

Company data is stored centrally, not on the mobile.

Dedicated call history

View all app inbound and outbound calls.

Dedicated contacts directory

All business contacts in one place, separate from personal contacts.

Choice of phone numbers

Geo-based, mobile, golden numbers.

Highest call quality

Carrier-grade calls over the mobile voice network.

Zero cost to the user

Patented technology ensures we never use personal mobile minutes.

Management Portal Features

Simple user interface

Portal interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Onboarding and training

The system is set up for you during onboarding. Portal training is available for administrators.

Centralised billing

Manage user licences and payments, and access invoices in one location.

Call analytics

Gain powerful insights with live call analytics and reporting.

Call recording storage

Call recordings are stored and are accessible for regulatory, compliance and dispute handling.

Call controls

Assign call plans, call limits and the ability to call international and premium numbers to each user.

Add and remove users

Add new users in minutes. Remove access to apps and hardware if a user leaves or a device is lost or stolen.

Admin access to all features

Gives technical admins the ability to update and maintain the system themselves.

Call analytics

Customisable display of live calling stats relevant to your team or business.

Multiple admin access

Assign admin access to more than one person for more efficient management of the system.