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A desk phone that fits into your pocket with low cost international business calls
Cost-effective international calling rates
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Call recording

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To start your free trial or book a demo with one of our business phone system experts, get in touch today.

Make cheaper international calls on your mobile with our user-friendly business phone app

Making essential international calls on a personal or work mobile phone can be very costly — for you, your contacts and your prospects. The PiPcall app allows you to bypass your service provider’s line and make significantly cheaper calls to your international contacts.

Slash the cost of making international business calls on your mobile
When you make international calls through thePiPcall mobile app, you get a range of exciting benefits:

PBX call rates for mobile users

Bring call rates on mobiles in line with PBX call rates colleagues enjoy on their desk phones

Assign international calling permissions to specific users

Retain an element of control over who can place international calls by assigning permissions in your easy-to-use backend portal.

Stay local

When users call an international number, they’ll appear local to the contact. And when a contact wants to call your assigned employee, they’ll be able to call a local number — saving time and money

Cheaper international calling from mobiles is easier than ever

The PiPcall business calling app for mobiles turns any mobile phone into a PBX desk phone. And one of the most exciting features of the app is cheaper international calling rates. To start your free trial or book a demo with one of our business phone system experts, get in touch today.

To try out the call recording function and the many other ground breaking features included in the app, contact us today for a demo. Alternatively, you can jump straight in by signing up for a free trial.
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Enhanced Features

The PiPcall business calling app is designed to have the same features as a desk phone available on personal and business mobile phones.

All Features
Ring groups and queues
Avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system.
Call routing
Easily route calls to users no matter where they are working
Call monitoring
Extends call monitoring features to mobiles. Keep the same level of operating standards regardless of staff location and hardware.
Call recording
Staff have the option to record calls from multiple devices wherever they are working.
Call transfer
Transfer your calls to another team member within the PiPcall system.
Internal directory
Easily access contact details of other PiPcall users within your organisation straight from the app.