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How PiPcall helped a medical startup save on start-up costs


Medical Startup

This medical startup struggled to conduct its outreach program cost effectively. They knew that each of their employees required an efficient way to communicate with both their team and their clients, but they also knew that traditional business phones were not the right solution.

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The Problem

Not only were traditional business phones too expensive, but this medical startup's employees did not want to be tied down to a desk. It was really important that their team could both make and receive calls when travelling to and from their office, while out at meetings, and working from home.

Moreover, as an early-stage start-up, they needed to save on costs and did not want to spend on mobile business phones for all their employees. After searching for a solution, they came to us.



As the complete business phone system made mobile, we were able to provide them with all the benefits of a business phone system but on their existing mobile phones.

Indeed, by providing each of their employees with a dedicated business line on their existing personal mobile phones, we saved them the hassle of carrying around two mobiles, enabled them to communicate with their team and clients outside of the office, and helped them to save on start-up costs.


Minutes of phone calls made with PiPcall


Minutes of phone calls made with PiPcall


Minutes of phone calls made with PiPcall
The Benefits

Our unique calling app allowed them to have two numbers on one phone, remain connected to the main line number, and use a mix of both 07 and landline numbers. Our dedicated GSM mobile voice network further ensured that the call quality of their business communications was of the best possible quality, so they never missed an important call again.

Enhanced Features

The PiPcall business calling app is designed to have the same features as a desk phone available on personal and business mobile phones.

All Features
Ring groups and queues
Avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system.
Call routing
Easily route calls to users no matter where they are working
Call monitoring
Extends call monitoring features to mobiles. Keep the same level of operating standards regardless of staff location and hardware.
Call recording
Staff have the option to record calls from multiple devices wherever they are working.
Call transfer
Transfer your calls to another team member within the PiPcall system.
Internal directory
Easily access contact details of other PiPcall users within your organisation straight from the app.