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How PiPcall ensured Relax Accounting never missed a client phone call again


Relax Accounting

Relax Accounting is an accountancy firm that prides itself on taking the hassle out of your accounts. To help ease their clients potential stress and confusion when it comes to their finances, they promise to be at the end of the phone to advise and support them with their accounts every step of the way. So, what happens if their business phones don’t work?

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The Problem

Unfortunately, before Relax Accounting came to us, they struggled with exactly this. After signing up to a virtual landline provider that was VoIP based and relied on Wi-Fi to operate, Relax Accounting realised that they were frequently missing their clients calls and the calls they were receiving were regularly being cut off due to poor Wi-Fi signal. In fact, the connectivity was so bad, they had deemed their business phones completely unusable. By the time they reached out to us, they were in desperate need of a reliable and trustworthy business calling solution to effectively communicate with their clients and support them as promised.

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As the solution to ineffective and expensive business phones, we were delighted when Relax Accounting got in touch with us to solve their business calling dilemma and even more so when we were able to transform how they connected with their clients due to the PiPcall app using the GSM mobile voice network.

By running solely over the GSM mobile networks, our app ensures call quality is far superior and more reliable than VoIP or data-based apps. Indeed, using the mobile voice network facilitates the best possible, high-quality business calls anywhere, so Relax Accounting never has to miss an important client call due to lack of Wi-Fi or poor data coverage again.

We were also able to provide Relax Accounting with a local landline number, allowing them to both receive inbound business and make outbound business calls on their existing mobile phones via our mobile app.


Minutes of phone calls made with PiPcall


Minutes of phone calls made with PiPcall


Minutes of phone calls made with PiPcall
The Benefits

Our app-centric system is designed for today’s evolving world of business mobility and allows you to instantly connect to your company’s business phone system on your personal mobile phone. However, our unique and patented technology means your personal phone number, mobile minutes, and data are not used to make business calls.

Instead, we provide each of your employees with their own business phone numbers via our app so they can connect with customers and do business from anywhere – all from the comfort of their own mobile phones. Moreover, our mobile voice network ensures the impact on your battery life is significantly reduced and your call quality is truly superb.

Enhanced Features

The PiPcall business calling app is designed to have the same features as a desk phone available on personal and business mobile phones.

All Features
Ring groups and queues
Avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system.
Call routing
Easily route calls to users no matter where they are working
Call monitoring
Extends call monitoring features to mobiles. Keep the same level of operating standards regardless of staff location and hardware.
Call recording
Staff have the option to record calls from multiple devices wherever they are working.
Call transfer
Transfer your calls to another team member within the PiPcall system.
Internal directory
Easily access contact details of other PiPcall users within your organisation straight from the app.