Optimised for use on personal mobile phones

Carrier-grade calling

Calls are made over the mobile voice network.

Zero cost to the user

All calls from the app are made at no cost to the user.

No access to personal apps

The app has no access to personal calls or personal data.

Access desk phone features from mobile phones

Access all the features and functions available on an office desk phone via the app, including: call recording, voicemail, conference calling, corporate directory, call monitoring and many more.

PiPoffice Mobile App

Keep staff connected wherever they work

Avoid missing or mishandling a call or losing a sales opportunity because your staff or sales team are out in the field or working in different locations. Create ring groups and call queues that incorporate the PiPoffice app and be confident that calls will reach staff no matter where they are working.

Carrier-grade call quality built into the app

The app is designed to use the mobile-voice-network , delivering high-quality professional business calls anywhere. The app is primarily of use on personal devices – at no cost to the user.

Easy to manage

Users can be added or removed without cost or hassle to suit the growing demands of the business.

All your team, all on PiPoffice, no matter where they work.

Avoid the hassle and expense of supplying desk phones.

Trial for free

Use PiPoffice free and experience the benefits of a phone system, built for flexible working.

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