Advanced mobile communication for healthcare

Shared Team Number for healthcare workers, ensures that your patients can put their full trust in your team when they call.

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Quality native calls with an extensive range of features

Mobile+ by PiPcall, offers enhanced features and business applications with resilient, high quality calling over the mobile voice network. Our tools put you in control of your communications and allow your business to be truly mobile.


Give patients trust that's you, who is calling

Giving the vulnerable trust in who is calling is important to us, Shared Team Number you allows your staff to all display the same common business number when they phone a patient.

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Protecting the vulnerable

Patients can save one number as a contact and know when the call is from one of your team.

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Control returned calls with routing

With advanced call flow tools, you have full control over who the call is routed to when patients ring back.

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Never share your personal number with patients again

Remove the need to give out personal numbers, intentionally or unknowingly. Staff should not have to worry about being called back on personal lines out-of-hours. Mobile+ gives your business a number that can be shared without ever having to reveal personal numbers.

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Stay on top of GDPR compliance

Protect your employees and your business by removing personal numbers from circulation.

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Employees move on, numbers remain

You own your numbers, so when a member of staff moves on you can simply link their number to a new employee.

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Be in control of your inbound calls with call management tools

We give you the tools to ensure your business calls are routed to the right person at the right time. Never miss an important call or be overwhelmed by high volume. Setting up call flows ensures the best experience for your patients.

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Redirect calls out of business hours

Set up business operating hours so calls out of hours get handled according to your rules.

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Ring multiple users with ring group

Never miss a critical call by having it ring multiple users at the same time.

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