What is the voice network?

The resilience and quality of mobile calling with advanced VoIP features


The native call

Mobile phones have long been the go-to choice for businesses with a mobile or distributed workforce. Business mobile calls over the dedicated mobile voice network are consistent and reliable, but they do have limitations:

In the realm of business mobile calls, mobile apps from VoIP phone systems or cloud phone systems have led the charge in innovation, offering features like call recording, call transfer, interconnected staff networks, and shared contact directories among others. However, they rely on a stable internet or mobile data connection to perform at a standard good enough for businesses. A poor or intermittent connection results in inconsistent call quality and potential downtime making the features unusable.

Built on the dedicated mobile voice network, Mobile+ gives business mobile users reliable and consistent call quality combined with enhanced voice features, elevating the calling capabilities of their business mobile phones.

So, rather than combining a VoIP or cloud phone system with a business mobile service to achieve the level of calling you need on your mobile phone, we built Mobile+ with the voice network as its cornerstone.

What is the difference between a mobile VoIP and a traditional mobile call over the dedicated mobile voice network?

There are two ways in which mobile calls are made and received.  Dedicated voice channel calling is the standard means of voice communication offered by all network service providers.  These calls, loosely if inaccurately referred to as GSM calls, are made over bandwidth dedicated for the purpose, we might also refer to this as the native call.  The other type of call is a data call, often if again somewhat inaccurately referred to as VoIP calling.

What is a mobile call?

On a native mobile call, once made or accepted, a channel is dedicated to the call.  This gives an uncontended connection. Other bandwidth-hungry activity in the local cell, such as the downloading of video content, will not affect the quality or resilience of the call. Because this network is dedicated for voice communication, packets of voice data are transmitted with speed and no delay.

a native call diagram

What is a data call?

Here the call is made or received over bandwidth shared with all other data applications being used in the local cell.  Any variation in local cell usage will inevitably affect the contention of the call with other applications such as music and video downloading. These calls require a data connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) and a compatible mobile app or service, such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. Calls offer flexibility, potential cost savings, and additional features like video calling and messaging but depend on a stable internet connection for optimal call quality. Because of how data is transmitted, when there are competiing services using the data connection, you may experience buffering, or delays in the conversation.

a voip call diagram


The Mobile+ call

Voice calling requires a signal to be traversed between the calling parties within approximately one third of a second (330ms).  A longer period gives rise to confusion in the conversation.  The sub 330ms path delay cannot be guaranteed for data calling and these calls may well therefore suffer from poor quality and resilience.

Business calls to and from customers, colleagues and suppliers need to be robust and reliable if the business activity is to be dependent on them.  Therefore, companies with a key element of activity centred on field workforces would be likely to require full GSM calling with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) at all times. These companies will typically be in industries such as domiciliary care, construction, facilities management, estate agencies, transportation, physical security, and more.

Calls to and from from Mobile+ are always over the mobile voice network. Our unique technology allows us to bridge the gap between resilient, high-quality calls and the features that a data connection can bring. At the same time you make a call from our app a short data message is sent to our cloud platform - this enables Mobile+ to do its magic.

Our technology allows us to enhance your native mobile voice network calls with advanced features such as call recording, transfers and real-time monitoring.

mobile+ over the voice network diagram

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