Redefining call transfer on mobiles

Hold and transfer calls to the right person, all on a native mobile voice call with Mobile+.


Don't let a potential customer hang up, put them through to the right person

With Hold & Transfer, you ask the customer to hold the line, whilst you call the right person for the conversation, get them up to speed and then transfer the customer call (over) to them.

hold and transfer icon
Direct or Attended, it's your call

You can transfer the call blind, or if you prefer, put the customer on hold and check in with your colleague first.

right arrow
Transfer in a few clicks

During an active call, simply tap the "In-call controls" button on your screen to begin the process.

How to make a call transfer
how-to call transfer
When in a call, ensure the PiPcall app is open and click the in-call controls.
how-to call transfer
Select transfer and then select a destination contact.
how-to call transfer
You can dial a number or select an existing contact.
how-to call transfer
Select from Direct transfer or Attended transfer to speak to the destination contact first.
Watch the video
Learn how to make a call transfer in PiPcall by watching the video.

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