Multiple users can display one, consistent number with Shared Team Number

Your team do not need to share their numbers with the client, use one shared number that displays on the recipient’s phone.


Give patients trust in who is calling

Giving the vulnerable trust in who is calling is important to us, Shared Team Number you allows your staff to all display the same common business number when they phone a patient.

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Protecting the vulnerable

Patients can save one number as a contact and know when the call is from one of your team.

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Control returned calls with routing

With advanced call flow tools, when patients ring back, you get to decide who the call is routed to.

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Direct returned calls based on a staff rota

When calls are returned to your shared number, you can let it ring as normal or redirect it based on a staff rota.

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Only call someone on an active shift

Patients will often ring back the last number they received; with Mobile+ you can redirect the call to someone who is actively working at the time.

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Designed for care

Unique calling features that are designed with the care industry in mind.

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