A mobile communications system built to scale, never miss an important call

Advanced features that route your calls according to your business rules.

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When work is over, calls follow your out-of-hours rules

Be free from your work calls that intrude on personal life, Business Hours will allow calls only when you want and follow your rules when you don't.

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Automatic time-based rules

Your number can automatically redirect to voicemail when operating hours come to a end, One less thing to remember.

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Let the out-of-hours team handle the call

Alternatively, rules can allow you to redirect the call to a specific user or group when your business is closed.

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Route customers to the right team to handle their needs

By setting up IVR (Interactive Voice Response), customers interact with a routing system that guides them to the right team.

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Route calls to Ring Groups

As your business grows, combine IVR with a Ring Group to ensure that you are never overwhelmed by high call volumes.

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Only answer a call that concerns you

IVR routes ensure that when your phone rings, you are the right person for that call. This prevents wasted time spent answering calls that would be better suited to a colleague

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When answering the call is vital, simultaneously ring multiple users

Ring groups can ring several devices at once or one at a time, so you can be confident that someone will always be on hand to answer.

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Build call flows that obey your rules

By combining ring groups with an IVR you can create a flow that guides customers to the right team, whether that's one user or many.

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Cut the cord to your desk

A Ring Group allows you to be truly free and on the move, you can answer business calls on your mobile or have the confidence they will be routed to someone who is available.

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