Cheaper International Calls

June 8, 2022

Slash the cost of international business calls with the PiPcall business calling app for mobiles. Assign users to international numbers, enjoy PBX call rates and appear as a local number to your international contacts.

When you make international calls through the PiPcall mobile app, you get a range of exciting benefits:

  • PBX call rates for mobile users - Bring call rates on mobiles in line with PBX call rates colleagues enjoy on their desk phones.
  • Assign international calling permissions to specific users - Retain an element of control over who can place international calls by assigning permissions in your easy-to-use backend portal.
  • Stay local - When users call an international number, they’ll appear local to the contact. And when a contact wants to call your assigned employee, they’ll be able to call a local number —saving time and money.

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