The changing landscape of business communication systems - A mobile first approach.
Johan Gericke

May 20, 2022

As the BT phase out of ISDN lines starts creeping closer and closer, it got me thinking of things that have become obsolete in the last few decades.

DVD players and DVD’s picked up at video store – Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu/Disney Plus etc.

The camera, Video recorder, Voice recorder, MP3 player, mirror, calculator and the rotary phone etc. etc. – The mobile phone

The full time Monday to Friday office life – Remote working/Shared office space

The business suit – Smart Casual

The five day work week?? Or is it too soon?

Anyway, I digress...

All these changes are a result of our human nature, our quest for continuous improvement, to remove waste….to remove duplication.

At work we are taught to remove duplication wherever we find it.

Instead of sending emails on a 1-1 basis, we email a group.

Instead of having a 1-on-1 training session with many individuals, we do group training.

We have shared drives/shared folders all in the name of removing duplication.

My question is: Why don’t we do that with communication technology in a business?

Why do we need a desk phone, a soft phone app, a mobile app, work mobiles and still also carry man’s most trusted friend(sorry, not a dog) - the personal mobile device?

Doesn’t that seem like overkill, duplication, a copy of a copy of a copy of the same thing.

Think of all the money that could be saved if we removed all those end points and were left with only one device, the personal mobile.

Up to now the issue was that the personal mobile could not provide the same business functionality as the business phone system. No call recording, ring groups, transfer capabilities etc.

Also, there is a taboo around using personal mobiles for work as it would not be GDPR compliant. Did your staff sign anything saying that they are giving you access to their mobile device or allowing the company to use their phone number when calling potential clients?

Finally, many companies that provide a mobile app as part of their broader solution are struggling with call quality as calls are typically made over the internet with VoIP solutions. For someone that is on the move, calls dropping due to bad connectivity is quite common in this instance.

At PiPCall, we envision a world where all those end points are a thing of the past - A business phone system in an app that goes on to a personal device. Giving you all the functionality that you would have with a fully functional business phone system without the duplication.

With calls made over the GSM network, carrier grade HD call quality can be achieved no matter where you are.

Let’s make the duplication of communication technology in business a thing of the past.

Now I know upon hearing this you most likely will have loads of questions, which we are more than happy to answer…