Keeping customers in the loop: what is IVR for mobile phones and how does it enhance customer experience?

August 22, 2023

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. In a nutshell, it is an automated phone system where callers are greeted by a recorded message, with menu options to make sure their call gets to where it needs to be.

IVR for mobile phones serves as an indispensable tool for businesses inundated with high customer call volumes. When done well, IVR will increase customer experience and streamline business operations. It’s a win-win – you keep your customers happy, while freeing up time for your workforce. In this blog, we’ll explore further what IVR for mobile phones is, how it can improve customer experience and how it integrates with PiPcall’s Mobile+.

What is IVR for mobile phones?

With IVR for mobile phones, calls are answered automatically with a personalised greeting and a menu to choose from. It uses pre-recorded messages and touch tone to navigate menus and reach specific departments or specialists, all without speaking to an agent. For example, if you’re an Estate Agents, you might set up a IVR that says, “press 1 if your query is about lettings”, “press 2 if your query is about sales”, “press 3 to speak to your account manager”. This streamlines communication, providing efficient self-service options for callers.

During peak call periods, this is important. A state-of-the-art interactive voice response system can eliminate the need for customers to wait on hold listening to lobby music on repeat with their hands tied. Instead, customers are empowered to find answers and complete basic tasks themselves.

The efficiency of an IVR system can be assessed through the analysis of call lengths. If an average call length is too long, then the feature should be tweaked to ensure it is not too complex or overly arduous for customers. Ultimately, a well-designed IVR is personalised to suit your customers. Traditionally, IVR software was reserved for office phones, landlines and call centres; however, with Mobile+, organisations can get all the capabilities on their mobile, which is especially useful for workers on-the-go.

How does IVR enhance customer experience?

Harnessing the power of IVR for mobile phones greatly benefits businesses by automating customer service and minimising waiting periods. IVR for mobile phones can allow customers to access product or service information, schedule appointments, and even complete purchases.

Providing relevant information with instantaneous ease and limiting action for consumers puts the power back in customers’ hands, whilst freeing up valuable employee time. And, when a customer specifically requires or requests human assistance, IVR for mobile phones can seamlessly route calls to the most suitable call centre agent who can provide the necessary support

IVR systems can deliver service of comparable quality to a well-trained call centre representative. The perception of quality primarily revolves around personalised service. Ultimately, IVR systems can transform each incoming call, rocketing business customer service expertise from good to great.  

How IVR works with PiPcall’s Mobile+

IVR for mobile phones is a key feature of PiPcall’s Mobile+, designed so your business can deliver the best possible service to customers. It allows customers to convert real numbers into virtual numbers for redirecting calls to mobiles or sharing call responsibilities with colleagues. It answers calls automatically with a personalised greeting and menu options that can be tailored to a business’s preferences.

But IVR for mobile is just one capability of PiPcall’s Mobile+ offering. Mobile+ is re-defining business mobile calling, armed with a wide range of features including call recording, call monitoring and ring groups – as well as IVR. In fact, PiPcall is the first UK telecoms company to create and sell this advanced functionality over the dedicated voice network. Mobile+ supports businesses with calling, messaging and collaboration tools on their mobile devices, ensuring seamless communication wherever workers are. And, it is compatible with all mobile solutions, including BYOD, business phones, SIMs and eSIMs.

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