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What Is PiPcall?

PiP stands for “Phone In A Phone”. It’s a smartphone app that replaces the need for IT managers and business owners to supply employees with smartphones. Each user gets their own call plan and separate number plus a wide selection of other features. PiPcall is available on both Android and Apple. Calls are made over GSM mobile voice channels and not VoIP, like other calling apps.
Making and receiving calls do not use personal call plans. Employees’ benefit from having all business calls, contacts, voicemails and messages separated from their private use;  no need to carry two smartphones and no need to expense their business phone activity.
Employers’ benefit by not having to buy employees a business phone, by having visibility of employee business activity and by paying only a small monthly fee for the service.
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Our History And Expertise

PiPcall is based in North London. The technology has been in development since 2016. Our experience in solving core telecommunications pain points of SME’s can be traced back to our sister company Teliqo.
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Teliqo is a unique direct hosted telecoms provider – offering a highly adaptable and infinitely customisable telephony service, based on its own in-house developed technology and delivered directly to its customers. Teliqo has been serving customers and developing cloud-based business communications solutions for over 14 years.

We asked why?

Why do business owners have to buy employees a second mobile, especially when employees don’t like carrying two phones? Why do offices need have to have dated landline phones tying employees to their desks? Why can’t a sole trader have two separate numbers on one smartphone?
The answer is within arm’s reach and can be found in their jacket pocket, bag, desk, or that place behind the couch…their smartphone.

PiPcall Features Walk-Through

The PiPcall app is a business phone that sits inside personal smartphones. It replaces the need for business mobiles, potentially saving your business up to 90% on telecoms costs.
Watch as Andrew, our CTO, takes you through a live demo of all the PiPcall features.

iOS Walk-Through

Android Walk-Through

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