Our products keep your staff talking business no matter where they are located. Choose PiPmobile to replace expensive mobile handsets in your business or choose PiPoffice for a more agile and cost-effective business phone system.
PiPoffice The business phone system built for mobile
Includes all PiPmobile features, plus, additional business phone system features
  • Business Number Options
  • - Regional numbers
  • - Freephone numbers
  • - Golden numbers
  • Collaboration Features
  • - Call announcement
  • - Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • - Ring group
  • - Simultaneous ring
  • - CLI override
  • Operational Features
  • - Rule based forwarding
  • - Virtual Installation
  • - Phone Support
  • Company voice with email alerts
PiPmobile Replace your business mobile handsets
From £4.50 Per User Per Month
  • PiP Number Options
  • - Dedicated mobile or landline number
  • - Port an existing number
  • Calls And Texts
  • - Unlimited & PAYG call packages
  • - Unlimited & PAYG text packages
  • - International call packages
  • App Features
  • Do-not-disturb
  • - Contacts directory
  • - Business voicemail
  • Admin Portal Features
  • - Add & remove users
  • - Billing
  • - Usage monitoring & reports

All Pricing is ex VAT

International Package

International calls


100 Minutes

  • Includes calls to all common European landline and mobile numbers as well as USA, Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and other geographic and mobile numbers. See our full list of call destinations
  • Shared between authorised users. Authorisation is via your admin portal

PAYG Call & Text Packages

PAYG calls


100 Minutes

  • Shared between all PAYG users
  • Inbound and outbound calls are billed per second
  • Packages are automatically applied and billed to the account
  • Any unused minutes are carried over to the next month
  • Every sixth Package purchased in a month is free



100 Texts

  • Shared between all Talk & Text PAYG users
  • Packages can be used between Talk & Text PAYG users
  • Unused texts are carried into following month
  • Every sixth Package purchased in a month is free

All Pricing is ex VAT

How to get started


Create your free business account and access your admin portal.

Add Users Icon

Add users to your account and assign business numbers, licences and contracts.

Phone Incoming & Outbound Icon

New users are sent a link to download the app. Once downloaded, they can make calls using the licences you assigned them.

Cogs Settings Icons

From the portal you can add and remove users, upgrade licences and reassign numbers instantly.

The Future Is Mobile

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