PiPcall – Features Of The App

Get Mobile Phone Features Without Paying Thousands

PiPcall offers a host of unique business phone features. As a mobile phone in an app its quick and cost effective to deploy to teams.

call plan

A Dedicated Call Plan:

Our patented technology ensures we never use your personal mobile minutes. PiPcall comes with its own plan that includes a generous call allowance bundle as standard. This mean when your staff are using PiPcall as their dedicated business mobile phone, they do not use personal minutes. 

Call Icon

A Choice Of Phone Numbers:

We give you the ability to choose the most appropriate number for individual employees. This includes your existing number, a new mobile number or a new geo-based landline number. You can even forward your existing number to the app during the trial. 

address book

A Large-Scale Contacts Directory:

Your teams can, with PiPCall, house all their business contacts in one place – separate from their personal contacts. This allows for a seamless switch between the making of personal calls, and business calls.

call tracking

Segmented Call History Tracking:

Smart call tracking means that your team can view in and outbound business calls made via PiPcall separately from their personal call records.

call quality

Extremely High Quality Calls:

All the calls that are handled by our app are done so via the GSM network. Calls are GSM carrier grade delivering far superior call quality, reliability and coverage than to that VoIP services.


Integrated Do Not Disturb Functionality:

Work life balance is important. When your staff want to relax at home or on holiday all they need to do is switch on the “do not disturb” function to have incoming calls sent straight to their business voicemail.


A Brand New Business Voicemail

Business voicemail management can be a challenge. We have built a dedicated business voicemail that is separate from the personal voicemail system – facilitating streamlined management of messages.


Differentiated Ringtone:

Allows users to assign a different ring tones for incoming business calls received via PiPcall. This provides audible differentiation between an incoming business phone call and a personal phone call. 

A Phone Within A Phone

Many CEOs, CTOs and IT Directors face the challenge of providing their companies with cost effective mobile phone services. Often just accepting they will either have to:

  1. Provide an employee with a seperate business mobile. Resulting in large operational costs of over £500/year per user plus device costs of £400+ for a mid tier smartphone. Multiply this by the number of employees and costs soon escalate into £10,000’s per year.
  2. Allow employees to use their own devices and bill the company for usage. Meaning businesses give up some control over the customer relationship and if the employee leaves they will take the number and possibly their business contacts as well.
Is there a cost effective way to deploy business quality mobile service to employees?

PiPcall answers this challenge with a quick to download app that is the most cost effective way to compliment an enterprise grade “Bring Your Own Device” policy in any business large or small. The PiPcall app: 

  • Sits on your employees Apple or Android device
  • Provides carrier grade GSM coverage
  • Is carrier agnostic 
  • Has a host of rich enterprise features as standard
  • Is cost effective with service from £8/month with generous talk time bundles