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Coastal Recycling has been offering waste management services to business, households and local authorities in Devon for over 30 years. It operates across four mainsites in the region, employing more than 150 people. Ensuring projects (nomatter how big or small) go smoothly is a top priority and the company isdedicated to ensuring customer service goes above and beyond. To maintain this level of customer experience as the business expands, Coastal Recycling wanted a better understanding of call analytics so it could make informed decisions. In short, it needed to upgrade its business mobile communications – enter PiPcall.

Reporting and call analytics with Mobile+

Built withon-the-go professionals in mind, PiPcall’s Mobile+ uses the dedicated mobile voice network to deliver reliable calls with high-definition quality, uniquely combined with advanced calling and analytic features. To make use of this, Coastal Recycling upgraded its existing telephone system to a full contact centre. PiPcall offered its consultancy at every step of the staged migration. Now, Coastal Recycling is enjoying:

When we decided to completely overhaul our telephone system, PiPcall were extremely helpful during the migration. The team combines its decades of experience in telecoms with fresh ways of thinking, and from that we established a great working relationship.

The driving force behind the move was the desire for extensive reporting. With Mobile+ we’re able to get a whole host of information that was previously unavailable like how long our employees are on the phone for, and we can even record calls if we want to. This is brilliant because we can see all this data, analyse it and then make the right decisions off the back of it.

Pete Oakley, Customer Service Manager at Coastal Recycling

Extensive reporting: Coastal Recycling has access to telephone calls and statistics in real-timethat were previously unavailable. Mobile+ can streamline mobile callingprocesses, track wrap up time, calls per hour, and call distribution no matter theworkforce’s location.

An intuitive admin portal: All call monitoring and analytics can beseen in PiPcall’s admin portal for centralised management.

Flexible communications: For over 45 users. Coastal Recycling’s employees havethe flexibility of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) including Apple IOS andAndroid, but with a separate individual business number.

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PiPcall is one of the UK’s foremost cloud UC service providers with over a decade of experience under its previous brand Teliqo.

Following a four-year investment programme we have developed our unique Mobile+ product because we felt critical business calling features should not come at the expense of call quality and resilience. That is why every call with Mobile+ is a native GSM call over the standard, reliable voice network – but with all of the bells and whistles of a full UC system.

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