Number Flexibility

Our flexible virtual-mobile-phone system supports six different methods of using virtual numbers.

1. Existing Business Numbers

If your business already has established landline and / or business mobile phone numbers you can use connect these with the PiPcall system, temporarily, as part of the trial and permanently via porting when you upgrade your account.

call on pipcall app
contact on pipcall app on phone

2. Mobile Numbers

Assign new mobile numbers for employees that need to text and talk. This licence is called TALK & TEXT.

3. UK Geographic Landline Numbers

We can source you any UK landline area code; from Aberdeen (01224) to Yorkshire (0113). Area code selection is limited for trial accounts.  If your desired area code is not part of the trial list, simply choose an area code from the trial list to begin with and we will make your desired area code available when you upgrade your account.

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contact on pipcall app on phone

4. Reassign Numbers

When a employee leaves or a project finishes you can keep the number and reassign it to new employees, contractors or clients.

5. Buy Blocks Of Numbers

You can purchase a block of mobile or landline numbers for your PiPcall account so that your whole team can use similar looking numbers. We can source these for any area code.

favourite on pipcall app
contact on pipcall app on phone

6. IVR, Redirecting And Number Sharing

You can redirect inbound calls from a ‘master’ virtual number – that is displayed on your website – to individual PiP users. We can also programme each PiP user to display this ‘master’ number when they make outbound calls so customers and suppliers recognise the number no matter who is calling.

Incorporate PiPcall Into Any Business

In this demo we will show you how you can take advantage of PiPcall’s flexibility to assign your team members the most ideal PiPcall Licence.

Cost-efficient and flexible

With multiple plans to choose, PiPcall makes it easy to allocate business numbers, and call and text plans to employees for both long and short durations.



Get Mobile Phone Features Without Paying Thousands

PiPcall offers a host of unique business phone features. As a mobile phone in an app its quick and cost effective to deploy to teams.

call plan

Separate Call Plan

Calls are made over the GSM network, not VoIP and don’t use personal mobile plans

address book

Dedicated Contacts Directory:

Keep all business contacts in one place – separate from personal contacts


Separate Number

Use existing business numbers or assign new landline or mobile numbers


Differentiated Ringtone:

Allows users to assign a different ring tones for incoming business calls received via PiPcall


PiPcall Voicemail

Dedicated voicemail that is separate from the personal voicemail system


Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

Switch on to have incoming calls sent straight to the business voicemail

Manage Your Virtual Phone System App From The Portal

The web-based portal gives an administrator the ability to manage all PiPcall users within the business, including inviting new users and removing existing ones. The portal is created automatically when the administrator signs up to PiPcall.

Admin portal and app


View all users in one place


Invite new users and allocate
new landline or mobile numbers


Remove existing users instantly
but keep the number

Five Reasons To Choose PiPcall Over Mobile Handsets

Business Number And Contact Ownership?

Here at PiPcall, we operate as a fully functioning BYOD policy solution that enables businesses to manage phone numbers and business contacts across multiple users. PiPcall will help you avoid two potential issues that arise from overlooking phone number and contact management:

The business doesn’t own the “sales number” as it’s the employee’s personal number.

The employee’s personal contacts list containing customer, colleague and supplier information. What’s stopping the employee taking all these contacts with them when they leave?

business call app

Environmentally Friendly

  • Smartphone production represented just 1% of the carbon footprint in 2007 and, according to the researchers, will top 14% by 2040
  • Using PiPcall helps reduce global smartphone demand therefore saving precious natural resources and wasted energy consumption
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Whatsapp for Business

Integrates With WhatsApp Business App

  • Easily integrate your geographic or mobile PiP number with WhatsApp Business
  • If the employee leaves or the phone is stolen the PiP number can be recalled and the WhatsApp Business account closed

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