The Dual SIM in an App

Dual SIM and eSIM mobile phones can be the solution to needing two different numbers on one device.
But you have to buy a new phone to get the benefits of this functionality. Until now…
PiPcall turns any smartphone into a virtual Dual SIM or eSIM device in minutes.

All the features without the cost

  • Separate bill – Doesn’t use your personal call minutes
  • Business quality calls – Calls are made via the GSM network, unlike VoIP products
  • Call information is kept separate – Separate business contacts, voicemail and favourites
  • Built-In Do Not Disturb – After-hours calls go straight to voicemail without interrupting your free time

Why choose PiPcall?

Quick – It takes minutes to set up the app and get talking. No waiting for the post to come

Don’t miss a call
– If you are on a personal call, the PiPcall number will still ring unlike some dual sims

New virtual number
– You get to choose your new business mobile phone number. Landline and mobile numbers are available. Or you can forward or port an existing number

Central billing
– Everyone in the team can use PiPcall. Contracts are handled via an admin portal making it easy to remove and add team members

What our customers say