Why take a virtual phone number?

If you think business phone numbers could be smarter and benefit your business more – and are wondering ‘How do I get a virtual phone number?’, ‘how does a virtual phone number work?’ and ‘Which virtual phone number service is right for me’ – keep reading.

How does a virtual phone number work?

A virtual phone number is much more flexible than a regular office phone – and while a relatively new concept, it is fairly easy to understand how it works. In simple terms, it means a phone number can be accessed from any device. For example, the calls that once could only be made and received on your desk’s landline can now be taken on your personal mobile phone – no matter where you are. Imagine a seperate work phone within your personal smartphone, that you can choose to use whenever you need to.

Separate Business Phone
Numbers We Provide:

UK, Geo-based fixed line numbers, including:

Leeds 0113, Birmingham 0121, Edinburgh 0131, Glasgow 0141, Liverpool 0151, Manchester 0161, Newcastle 0191, London 0203, Belfast 02897 and Cardiff 029.

UK 07 mobile numbers

We can incorporate your existing business number(s). Even during the trial. Read more here.


How can a virtual phone number benefit your business?

A virtual phone number makes remote work easy for your employees, a feature many employees love – in fact, more than half (58%) of workers in 2017 said working away from their desk would improve their motivation levels.

Surveys show that the ability to remotely work statistically decreases sick days and time off and increases employee retention – all while producing ‘astonishing’ levels of production. In fact, data from The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the number of UK workers working remotely has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over the last ten years. 

As well as benefiting employee’s lifestyles and work productivity, allowing employees to work remotely – even just some of the time – also reduces costs for business owners. 

A virtual phone number makes this possible, allowing employees to make and take calls wherever they are – be it at home, on their commute, or after work – meaning your business misses fewer calls, even if there’s no one in the office.

How PiPcall can help your business;


The PiPcall app is the cost effective and quick to deploy virtual numbers through a team. Employees make and receive calls from an app on their personal smartphones using a separate business number (fixed line or mobile). IT managers or business owner assign new or existing numbers to employees via PiPcalls secure admin portal. This means it is easy to administer and manage range business numbers and call activity, all from one place – saving you time and money.

Finally, PiPcall unlocks the benefits of BYOD policy for an organisation. No longer do you have to provide pricey business phones and hardware for employees. In fact, the cost saving of a virtual phone number can be so great that implementing a BYOD strategy – combined with PiPcall’s low contract rates – means you can reduce your telecoms spend by up to 90%.