PiPcall – The Two Numbers One Phone App

The PiPcall Application – Two Numbers In One Phone

At first, it might seem strange, almost impossible to have found yourself the ideal two numbers one phone app, after all, for years people have simply managed to put up with:

  • One telephone number, whereby they would have to actively and consistently attempt to differentiate between personal and business activity. Employees would then ultimately have to look to charge their employers the cost of the calls; this was, and still unfortunately is a nightmare for admin staff, heads of deparments and IT teams who manage the communications of employees.


  • Two telephone numbers, which involved an active juggling act between two devices, owing to an understandable desire to keep business and personal lives seperate and distinct. This highly inefficient option also relied upon a large number of often extremely busy employees having to remember and carry around double the equipment whilst keeping two devices fully charged! Not to mention device costs and insurance. 

This is where we saw the need for an application that is stored securely inside the employees’ personal phone. So we created what we think is the market’s leading two numbers one phone app. 

14 day free trial

As standard, we offer the PiPcall product to brand new customers on a free trial basis over a 14 day duration. This is because we believe that you deserve to try our app before you roll it out to your team(s). All you need to do is fill in the form below to secure yourself and your staff the PiPcall app for free, no obligations, no strings attached!

PiPcall package

14 day free trial
New landline or mobile number
Port an existing business number
Unlimited UK mobile & landline calls
Business voicemail
Business contacts directory
✓ Business call history
✓ International call bundles (from £3)

Ways to pay after the trial.


Monthly cost.
12 month contract. Payable upfront.*


Monthly cost.
12 month contract. Payable monthly.*


Monthly cost.
Rolling one month contract.*

*Per user. Ex VAT.

Manage business contacts

Our app promotes user experience alongside highly sophistacted functionality…

With PiPcall, the separate phone number is accessed through the app, and has a ‘do not disturb’ feature, meaning your staff can automatically divert business calls to voicemail when they are on holiday or relaxing at home. This means employees feel valued and that they can have time away from work, while still having the ability to take and make business calls at the touch of a button.

Why choose our two numbers one phone app? 

PiPcall is your best option for having two numbers in one phone for business owners, as the app eliminates hardware costs and the need for pricey device repairs and replacements, reduces expenses and admin time required to manage them, and provides well priced call bundles – with packages starting at just £8 per month per employee. Try PiPcall for free for 14 days, here.

Here are some of the reasons why PiPcall and our unique business mobile phone service is different. With PiPcall you can:

Stay in control of your business numbers and keep your employees free from carrying two phones

What our customers say

Why should you have an alternate phone number for your business?

With PiPcall, your employee is supplied with a business number to their existing Apple or Android smartphone – you can either port existing business numbers or choose to supply them with a new one (choose between mobile and fixed line numbers). It’s important for your employee to be able to choose to use a business phone number for business calls for multiple reasons. Firstly, the security and gravitas a dedicated business number this gives your business – customers and other businesses know they are dealing with the company directly. Secondly, using a business number means your employee does not have to give out a personal phone number to clients or customers, meaning they do not feel their private life is interfered upon. 

Manage business contacts

PiPcall Features Walk-Through

The PiPcall app is a business phone that sits inside personal smartphones. It replaces the need for business mobiles, potentially saving your business up to 90% on telecoms costs.
Watch as Andrew, our CTO, takes you through a live demo of all the PiPcall features.

iOS Walk-Through

Android Walk-Through

14 day free trial

Try PiPcall free for 14 days. No credit card or contract required.

Choose a new business number or use your existing one