The Virtual Dual SIM App

What Is A Virtual Dual SIM App?

A virtual dual SIM is an app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone via the apple and android app store.

The Virtual Dual SIM app acts like a physical sim, equipping the user with a second number, call plan and other business phone features.

It thereby removes the need to purchase a Dual SIM smartphone to get the benefits.

Manage business calls

How Does PiPcall Turn Your Existing Smartphone Into A Dual SIM Device?

PiPcall is a Virtual Dual SIM. It works on both Apple and Android phones and is carrier agnostic, meaning it uses the mobile network of the phone it is downloaded on. The key difference between PiPcall and other apps is it uses the GSM mobile network to call not Wi-Fi or data like other apps and softphones. This has two advantages: 

1) The quality of the call is far superior to data calls and doesn’t use the users personal calling plan. Read more about Pipcalls’ s GSM calling technology here

2) The user occurs no charge for using the app. All charges are received by the administration of the account and are managed separately via a portal, read about the portal here.


PiPcall Is Like A Dual SIM Without The Limitations, Plus:


Own All Numbers

  • UK, geo-based fixed line numbers, including: Leeds 0113, Birmingham 0121, Edinburgh 0131, Glasgow 0141, Liverpool 0151, Manchester 0161, Newcastle 0191, London 0203, Belfast 02897 and Cardiff 029.
  • UK 07 mobile numbers
  • We can incorporate your existing business number(s). Even during the trial.
call plan

Dedicated Call Plans

  • Doesn’t use employee call plans
  • Quality calls via the mobile network, unlike VoIP
  • Carrier agnostic so it works on whatever network the user is on
  • Generous call bundles
  • Management portal to manage you and your teams accounts
  • Tariffs from Pay as little as £8 per user per month (hyperlink tariffs)

Admin Management Portal

  • Add new users
  • Remove existing users instantly
  • Allocate new landline or mobile numbers
  • One centralised bill

The Top Five Reasons To Choose The PiPcall Virtual Dual SIM Card

The most affordable solution for business owners…
And the most convenient solution for employees…
PiPcall promotes a healthy work/life balance…
PiPcall is the best way to manage business calls in a dual sim solution…
Keeps your information 100% protected…
The most affordable solution for business owners…

PiPcall provides a cost-effective alternative to business phones for their employees. Because PiPcall is an application that can downloaded to any smart phone, the BYOD (bring your own device) method eradicates the need for businesses to supply employees with costly hardware, and means there is no also no need for businesses to provide repairs and spare parts for said hardware. The physical phone is property of the employee – PiPcall is an easy way for your employees to receive business calls on their personal phones.

And the most convenient solution for employees…

While PiPcall is an excellent cost saving measure for businesses providing phone solutions to their employees, this is at no detriment to the employees – in fact, it’s much more convenient for them. Employees will no longer have to carry around two mobile phones as everything is located in one place, but this doesn’t mean they have to mix business and pleasure. The in-app ‘do not disturb’ feature lets employees fully enjoy time off, while incoming calls are professionally diverted to a business voicemail.

PiPcall promotes a healthy work/life balance…

Because PiPcall is located in one central app, due to its ‘do not disturb’ function, employees can easily divert calls to a business voicemail, leaving them to enjoy their time at home, or holiday. This is different to a dual SIM card phone, where employees have no choice but to have business communications always divert through their personal phone. This can lead to undue stress and can decrease the quality of relaxation time for employees – make your employees feel valued, and that they have a life outside of the workplace with PiPcall.

PiPcall is the best way to manage business calls in a dual sim solution…

Aside from the personal and cost-effective benefits of PiPcall, it’s also the best way for employees to manage business calls. On a classic dual SIM phone, if the employee is on a personal call and a business call comes through, the employee will miss the business call. With PiPcall, the business call will continue to ring, meaning the employee will never miss a business call. Experts suggest that if a small to medium business in the UK remains uncontactable for a 24-hour period, they lose an average of £9,000. There is no point spending money on expensive business marketing if your customers hear an engaged dial tone – make sure there are no missed opportunities by always keeping your points of contact open, with PiPcall.

Keeps your information 100% protected…

Unlike a dual SIM phone solution that makes use of an E-SIM, information stored in PiPcall can wiped externally. This is useful to keep business practices private, especially if an employee leaves the company, or loses their mobile phone. It also avoids employees taking contacts with them when they leave a business, meaning your information stays secure and within your trade.

What Are The Downsides of Dual SIM Phones?

Smartphones with Dual SIM technology are great for business users that want two numbers on one phone. They eliminate the need for carrying around and paying for two smartphones. But there are draw-backs that cancel out the benefits for business users. The main three are:

  1. The latest Dual SIM enabled smartphones can cost up to £1,000 which is a significant investment
  2. The range of smartphones with Dual SIM technology is still limited
  3. There are actually three different types of Dual SIM phones.
    • Dual SIM passive limits usage to one SIM at a time so you won’t receive business calls if you are in the personal SIM. 
    • Dual SIM standby restricts incoming calls and texts from your business sim if you are on a call using your personal sim  
    • Dual SIM Active is the only Dual SIM technology where everything works at the same time.

What our customers say

The PiPcall app is a business phone that sits inside personal smartphones. It replaces the need for business mobiles, potentially saving your business up to 90% on telecoms costs.
Watch as Andrew, our CTO, takes you through a live demo of all the PiPcall features.

iOS Walk-Through

Android Walk-Through