The PiPcall Management Portal

Oversee all aspects of your PiPcall account from your very own online management system

Gain Tighter Control Of Your Communications

The web-based portal gives an administrator the ability to manage all PiPcall users within the business, including inviting new users and removing existing ones. The portal is created automatically when the administrator signs up to PiPcall.

  • Control all staff mobile communication in one place
  • Monitor and report on call and text activity
  • Effortlessly add and remove contacts
Manage number ownership on the PiPcall portal
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Build A Mobile Solution That Suits Your Team

Assign mobile or landline numbers based on user preferences. Enjoy unrestricted flexibility and create a base of PiP users that works best for you.

  • Choose between business numbers, mobile numbers and geographic numbers
  • Order blocks of company numbers to create a recognisable numbering pattern across all users
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Save Up To 83% On Business Mobile Plans

Enjoy significant cost-savings on your telecommunications with our flexible licences. With PiPcall, you can assign team members a bespoke plan based on their usage

  • Unlimited: For members of the team that need to make and receive calls every day
  • Pay as you go: For members of the team that need a business line but don’t make many calls
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Add New Users And Reassign Numbers

Seamlessly add and remove users and reassign numbers as your team changes in size. Save time and keep colleagues connected by the simple click of a button. 

  • Scale your communications
  • Keep everyone connected

Learn More About The Portal

In this demo we will show you how you can take advantage of PiPcall’s flexibility to assign your team members the most ideal PiPcall Licence.

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