The PiPcall Management Portal

Easily manage all users from your very own management system

Manage Your Virtual Phone System Users From The Portal

The web-based portal gives an administrator the ability to manage all PiPcall users within the business, including inviting new users and removing existing ones. The portal is created automatically when the administrator signs up to PiPcall.

Admin portal and app


View all users in one place


Invite new users and allocate
new landline or mobile numbers


Remove existing users instantly
but keep the number

Embrace Simplicity With PiPcall

Our virtual phone system app has been designed to streamline the process of business communications. We have built a bespoke management platform for all admin users so that you can monitor and have overriding control over all PiPcall users in your company using the PiPcall virtual phone app.

In this demo we will show you how you can take advantage of PiPcall’s flexibility to assign your team members the most ideal PiPcall Licence.

What is the difference between PiPcall and other virtual phone systems?

  • PiP allows businesses to give their employees a paid business mobile phone service with separate numbers, using the PiPcall app on the employee’s own smartphone. The service uses full quality GSM as opposed to VoIP and cloud providers.
  • Employees benefit from having all business calls, contacts and messages separated from their private use; no need to carry two handsets and no need to expense their business phone activity.
  • Employers benefit by not having to buy employees a business phone, by having visibility of employee business activity and by paying only a small monthly fee for the service.
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