The High-Quality Alternative To Softphones

Call Quality And Reliability Are The Most Important Requirements For A Business Line. Choose PiPcall And Avoid Unreliable Internet Calling With Softphones. 

Free 30 Day Trial

Try out PiPcall free for 30 days to get the benefits of a softphone without the poor quality calls.

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Zero Cost To The User

Why Is PiPcall More Reliable Than A Softphone?

PiPcall has been designed to provide users with a premium level of communication by ensuring that all calls are made via the GSM (global system for mobile) network and not internet calling like softphones. 

The GSM network is the universal standard across the globe facilitating seamless transfer of calls whilst maintaining the highest call quality standards. This provides PiPcall users with a range of benefits, including:

  • Higher quality calls
  • Users experience fewer dropped calls
  • Less battery usage for smartphone devices
PiPcall Business Mobile In An App GSM Calling

Customer Testimonials

I came across PiPcall when looking to buy new mobiles for my growing team. PiPcall gives my team high quality calls and gives my IT manager control over the users, saving me thousands in hardware and call costs.

Amazing call quality. No more VoIP for my team.

As the IT admin I liked the dedicated portal which gives me the ability to quickly add and remove users.

The Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Chose Us Over A Softphone

1. Zero cost to the user – Calls don’t use data or mobile minutes

2. Quality calls – Superior quality calls via the mobile voice network not internet calling

3. Take calls anywhere – Talk and text via a business line whether you’re in the office or on the road

4. Cost-efficient – Zero hardware, maintenance and administration costs

5. Control – Manage all users via your own administration portal

The PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Is Perfect For the Whole Team

Environmentally Friendly

  • Smartphone production represented just 1% of the carbon footprint in 2007 and, according to the researchers, will top 14% by 2040
  • Using PiPcall, instead of a business mobile phone, helps reduce global smartphone demand therefore saving precious natural resources and wasted energy consumption
PiPcall Business Mobile IN An App - Environmentally Friendly

Manage All Users Through An Online Portal

The web-based portal allows administrators to manage all PiPcall users within the business. 

  • Add and remove PiPcall users
  • View all users in one place
  • Provide bespoke PiPcall packages based on individual usage
Manage number ownership on the PiPcall portal

Cost-efficient and flexible

With multiple plans to choose, it’s easy to allocate business numbers, and call and text plans to employees for both long and short durations.



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