PiPcall – More Than A Separate Business Phone Number

Choosing a separate business phone number from a virtual business phone number provider will only give you a business number.
This comes with significant limitations, particularly in terms of mobility.

Looking For A Separate Business Phone Number?

What you need is a flexible and cost effective way of making and receiving calls with a professional looking business number, no matter where you are.

The PiPcall app gives you a separate business phone number that acts as a dedicated landline or mobile number when downloaded to your personal smartphone.

Separate Business Phone
Numbers We Provide:

UK, Geo-based fixed line numbers, including:

Leeds 0113, Birmingham 0121, Edinburgh 0131, Glasgow 0141, Liverpool 0151, Manchester 0161, Newcastle 0191, London 0203, Belfast 02897 and Cardiff 029.

UK 07 mobile numbers

We can incorporate your existing business number(s). Even during the trial. Read more here.


The Powerful Call Forwarding Alternative

The PiPcall app does so much more than your traditional separate business phone number and call forwarding solutions. It gives you, your staff, your team or your workforce a brand new business phone in a personal smartphone, including a completely separate business phone number and a suite of powerful business communication features. These features include:


A separate business phone number that acts as a dedicated landline or mobile number – the exact numbers that are included are completely up to you, or you can leave it up to the specific member of staff to decide!


A concise and easy to navigate contacts directory that your team(s) can use to manage all of their business contacts. This contacts directory is separate from an individual’s personal directory, facilitating streamlined contact management.


A unique voicemail inbox that is for use solely and specifically for your team’s separate business phone number as offered by PiPcall. This is also separate from the personal voicemail inbox.


Integrated and sophisticated call history and call tracking, including an easy to understand log of recent calls which imports to the PiPcal management portal; so you can track who called, when and how many times.

Separate Business Phone Numbers For The Whole Team

We include a separate business phone number as standard with every install of our app. This means that each team member will receive a new business phone number that they can use solely for business purposes. This facilitates the complete separation of personal and business communications. All numbers are managed by the admin portal. From here you can add and remove users giving you more control over your business numbers and protection for your business contacts if the smartphone is lost.

Manage all users via the admin portal
GSM voice network

A New Way To Make Calls

The app comes with a dedicated call plan for each user. This means making and receiving calls via the separate business phone number doesn’t use personal call plans. All calls are made over the UK mobile network delivering superior call quality, reliability and coverage, unlike some VoIP services.

What Are The Problems With Traditional Separate Business Phone Number Solutions?

What our customers say

The PiPcall app is a business phone that sits inside personal smartphones. It replaces the need for business mobiles, potentially saving your business up to 90% on telecoms costs.
Watch as Andrew, our CTO, takes you through a live demo of all the PiPcall features.

iOS Walk-Through

Android Walk-Through