Making Calls

Making a call using PiPcall is simple. Our patented technology ensures we never use your personal mobile minutes. Plus, calls are made over the mobile voice network, unlike VoIP or data calls.

For Apple Devices

  • Firstly, unlock your smartphone and head to the PiPcall app.
  • Then, click the ‘search bar’ button at the top of the screen displayed on the app, and search for the contact you are trying to contact.
  • Once you have found your contact of choice, click it, and it will bring you to their contact card, which stores their name, phone numbers, and any other information you would like to save about them.
  • Click the number you would like to contact, and PiPcall will begin calling your contact.
  • Then, make your call as normal! When you are finished with your call, click the red ‘phone down’ button on your screen, and you will be directed back to the PiPcall app, where you can contact other customers.

For Android Devices

Unlike on iOS you only need to tap the dial button once to make a call. The call back notification will show as per the image but you don’t need to press ‘Answer’ for the call to be made. But like iOS, calls made via the app on Android devices do not use personal call minutes.

1. Tap the DIAL icon

2. The call back notification appears but you can ignore it. The will goes though automatically.

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PiPcall is a convenient alternative for a business mobile phone for you and your employees. Not only do employees no longer have to carry around multiple mobile phones, using PiPcall is actually more convenient, time saving and cost effective for the business director, too. Since PiPcall’s generous, inclusive call packages are paid directly by the employer, you can say goodbye to wasted admin time spent trawling through phone records to expense phone calls.

If you have any other questions about using PiPcall, we have a range of other how-to videos, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’re always here to help, simply contact us here.