Add Contacts To Favourites


If there are certain business contacts you speak to frequently, it may be most convenient for you to add them to a ‘favourites’ list. This simply means these contacts are on an easy to reach list of frequently contacted phone numbers, so that all your important business contacts are in one place. Here, we show you how to add a business contact to a ‘favourites’ list.

  • Start by opening the PiPcall app, and search for the contact you want to add to a ‘favourites’ list.
  • Once you have found the contact in question, press ‘add to favourites’. When you enter the business contacts page in the future, the ‘business favourites’ list will appear – with your contacts of choice on it. From here, you can access and contact these phone numbers at your convenience as normal.

PiPcall is all about providing an extra layer of convenience to business owners and their employees – PiPcall came about when trying to solve the problem of a business mobile phone; employers don’t like buying them, and employees don’t like carrying them – so why not implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy? This means employers no longer must provide expensive devices to employees, employees no longer have to carry around bulky phones, and both can save time and money with generous PiPcall contracts, where all business calls are stored and billed in one place.

Got any questions about PiPcall, how it works, and how it could work for your business? Simply get in touch with us here, and a friendly member of our customer service team will be in touch soon!