Pip mobile

The app designed for business teams to replace mobile handsets

Never Buy Business Smartphones For Staff Again

Avoid the high cost of acquiring, maintaining and upgrading business mobile phones. The PiP app sits on staff personal smartphones – but at zero cost to them.

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App GSM Calling

PiPmobile Is Not A Softphone

Instead of making calls through the cloud or VoIP, PiP uses the dedicated mobile-voice-network to guarantee a premium level of communication when making business calls.

Softphones share their communications route with other data applications leading to poor call quality, dropped calls and high battery burn.

Zero Cost To The User

PiPmobile works over every mobile network and on any personal smartphone used by your employees. Critically, calls and texts don’t use the employee’s personal call minutes and text bundle, making it a favourite amongst staff.

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Zero Cost To The User

Cost-efficient and flexible

With multiple plans to choose, it’s easy to allocate business numbers, and call and text plans to employees for both long and short durations.



Take Calls Anywhere

Whether in the office, at home or on the road, PiPmobile allows you to make internal or external business calls anywhere in the world. PiPmobile is a great alternative to a business supplied smartphone as the app enables high quality communication without the cost of a whole new handset.

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Takes Calls Anywhere
PiPcall Business Mobile Phone In An App Is Easy To Set Up

Easy To Set Up

Our solution couldn’t be easier to use. No matter which brand of phone your employees have, whether they will be using Samsung or an iPhone for business use, PiPmbl will work. Plus, you only need to spend as little as 10 minutes integrating PiP into your business. 

eBook – The Mobile-First Dilemma

Learn how to solve the mobile-first dilemma
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A Choice Of Phone Numbers:

  1. A new mobile number
  2. A new landline number (to their mobile)
  3. The option to quickly and easily port-in an established business number
PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Has A Dedicated Business Number

It’s Simple To Deploy

  • The administrator invites employees, via a web portal,  to download the app
  • The employee is given a separate work number linked to the app – the employee’s personal number remains separate and private
  • If an employee needs to make a work call, they do it through the app at no personal cost
  • Incoming work calls appear as PIP calls – the employee keeps work and personal life separate
PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Management Portal Invite New Users

Join The UK’s Fastest Growing Mobile-First Telecoms Company

Get Mobile Handset Features Without Paying Thousands

PiPmobile offers a host of unique features normally only available by supplying staff smartphones. Because it’s an app, it’s quick and cost-effective to deploy to your teams, bringing a business line directly to your employee’s personal device.

call plan

Separate Call Plan

Calls are made over the GSM network, not VoIP and don’t use personal mobile plans

address book

Dedicated Contacts Directory:

Keep all business contacts in one place – separate from personal contacts


Separate Number

Use existing business numbers or assign new landline or 07 numbers.


Differentiated Ringtone:

Allows users to assign a different ring tones for incoming business calls received via PiPcall


PiPcall Voicemail

Dedicated voicemail that is separate from the personal voicemail system


Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

Switch on to have incoming calls sent straight to the business mobiles’ voicemail

PiPmobile Reduces Telecoms Spend By Up To 83%

PiPmobile will help you reduce the outgoing costs of running your business:

  • Eliminates hardware costs
  • Generous call bundles for UK and international calls
  • Eliminates phone insurance premiums and replacement costs for lost and damaged devices
  • Reduces admin time for expense reconciliation
  • Secure, centralised billing. No in-app payments required
The PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Is Perfect For the Whole Team

Business Number And Contact Ownership?

Manage phone numbers and business contacts across multiple users and avoid two potential issues that arise from overlooking phone number and contact management:

The business doesn’t own the “sales number” as it’s the employee’s personal number.

The employee’s personal contacts list containing customer, colleague and supplier information. What’s stopping the employee taking all these contacts with them when they leave?

Manage number ownership on the PiPcall portal

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