Replace Your Business Mobiles With PiPcall

The business phone that sits inside personal smartphones.

  • Dedicated call plans that don’t use employee call plans

  • Quality calls via the mobile network, unlike VoIP

  • Port existing business numbers or assign new ones

  • Manage all users via a portal

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14 Day Free Trial

Try PiPcall with free UK mobile & landline calls for 14 days. Your personal call plan will not be charged. We don’t require payment details during the trial.

Choose a new business number or use your existing one

PiPcall Works Best With Your Existing Business Number

Experience what PiPcall is like by temporarily forwarding calls from your existing number to the PiPcall app.
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Employee Personal Mobile Minutes Are Never Used

PiPcall makes calls over the GSM mobile network, unlike VoIP and cloud apps. Read more here. Calls made with the app do not use your employee’s personal mobile minutes. This means you don’t have to worry about employees being charged for calls.

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Implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy in your business

Employees use their own mobile device. The app provides a separate business number, contacts directory, voicemail and call package. Administrators can easily add, remove and manage users via a custom admin portal.

Admin portal and app

Reduce telecoms spend by up to 90%

  • Eliminates hardware costs
  • Generous call bundles for fixed, mobile and international calls
  • Eliminates phone insurance premiums and replacement costs for lost and damaged devices
  • Reduces admin time for expense reconciliation
  • Secure, centralised billing. No in-app payments required

Quickly and easily manage users via a personalised admin portal.

  • Add new users
  • Remove existing users instantly
  • Allocate new landline or mobile numbers
  • One centralised bill
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Easy to trial for managers and owners

Whether you are an IT manager or a business owner, we make it easy to try PiPcall. In fact, you can activate your portal and start using the app on your phone in under 5 minutes.
  • 14 day free trial
  • No credit card or contract required
  • Set up your whole team via the portal
  • Free and unlimited calls to landline and UK mobiles**
  • 100 free international call minutes (selected destinations)


Admin portal
New landline or mobile number
Port an existing business number
Unlimited UK mobile & landline calls**
Business voicemail
Business contacts directory
✓ Business call history
✓ 100 international call minutes (from £3 per month)^

Choose From One of Three Pricing Plans


Equivalent monthly cost*
12 month contract paid upfront


Monthly cost*
12 month contract paid monthly


Monthly cost*
Rolling one month contract

*Per user. Ex VAT. **Fair usage applies. ^Selected destinations.

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