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If you’ve been researching the best Google Play Store apps for business reasons – and Google apps for business phone numbers – PiPcall might be just what you’re looking for. Because of Android phones’ competitive price point, excellent features and ease of use, it is estimated that Android’s UK market share is 50.47% – the largest of any mobile manufacturer. In addition to this, there are 2.5 billion active Android devices worldwide – their popularity really can’t be underestimated!

If you’re one of the many Android users, and you’re wondering how to use your personal device as a business phone number, PiPcall’s app for Android phones might be just what you’re looking for. PiPcall is a simple, easy to use app available on both iPhone and Android phones that allows you to make business calls from your personal smartphone.

Why is PiPcall for Android one of the Play Store’s top Google apps for business phone numbers?

PiPcall facilitates your business’s ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy, by putting business lines and business phone features onto personal smartphones – which is why it was important for PiPcall to be able to operate on both iPhone and Android devices (these two platforms accounted for nearly 100% of all new smartphones shipped last year – so we like to think we have everyone covered!) This means PiPcall is quick and convenient for you to use, as it functions within a phone system you and your employees know and understand.

Typically, employees don’t get to choose which business phone they get. This leads to employees having to learn a whole new phone system and interface; very inconvenient when you want something simple and easy to use. PiPcall is available for Android phones on Google Play Store as one of the best Google apps for business phone numbers, meaning our customers have more choice when it comes to devices and handsets – if your employees have been weighing up the pros and cons of an Android phone for personal use, rest assured that with PiPcall they can also use it for business reasons – no more carrying around two phones, or trying to learn a phone system they don’t like or frequently use!

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There are many benefits of PiPcall for Android for your employees;

  • PiPcall’s Google Play Store app for Android phones is convenient for employees who choose to use Android for personal use, as it means they no longer have to carry two phones. It also means they do not have to get to grips with or learn a new operating system, carry two chargers, cases, or headphones!
  • Employees can use their phone software of choice; they no longer have to struggle with the device given to them by an employer, or an interface that wouldn’t be their personal choice. This helps with smart devices such as tablets that sync data and personal preferences via the cloud. 
  • Employees are always contactable as they can make and take business calls from the phone they always have with them – however, this isn’t to the detriment of their work/life balance, as PiPcall’s ‘do not disturb’ feature easily allows business calls to be directed to a voicemail. So, an employee will never forget their business phone! 
  • Employees feel more valued, as they are given the freedom to work from home or remotely – which in turn can improve productivity. This means that your business does not need to set up a personal computer with a communications system. 
  • No more nuisances for employees, as their personal call minutes are no longer used for business purposes, despite calls being made from their personal device. The PiPcall app has a dedicated plan which means that business calls use business data and minutes.

PiPcall for Android can be invaluable for business owners, too;

  • PiPcall phone calls are made through the GSM mobile network for both Iphone and Android devices, not through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which means call quality remains unaffected by patchy Wi-Fi or lack of data – making the PiPcall calling process even smoother, and more professional for your employees, business, and clients; reducing dropouts and improving overall connectivity.
  • The Admin Portal makes it easy to assign new business numbers to staff members, as well as being able to add and remove existing users seamlessly. An admin can externally wipe the application from an employee’s phone for maximum security – even if they lose their phone or leave the business. This is ideal should an employee leave in acrimonious circumstances.
  • For business owners, cost is of course a huge factor when implementing any new business strategy or policy – PiPcall’s Android app can reduce costs in two key areas leading  to cost savings of up to 90% 1) The elimination of hardware costs for employees 2) The saving of admin time spent going through employee call expenses and the control over call spending through the PiPcall admin portal.
  • Using PiPcall for Google apps for business phone numbers is easy, we even have a simple, easy to follow user guide for PiPcall for Android users, and a video showing you a quick Android phone walk through using our app. If you’re interested in Google apps for business phone numbers, click here to download PiPcall from the Google Play store. Alternatively, we are offering all of our customers a 14 day free trial, with no obligation to purchase, and no credit card required.