An Accessible Business Mobile Phone Service

Why Choose PiPcall For Your Business Mobile Phone Service?

Whether you are looking to reduce your capital expenditure by finding an alternative to supplying a business mobile phone service or your colleagues simply do not want to carry two mobiles, the ideal mobile solution does not involve you paying thousands up front in an online cart, stood in a shop on the high street or on the phone with a pushy sales agent. Like banking, taxis, delivery, email and hotel visits, the ideal solution is now found in an app.

Admin portal and app

How Much Would You Save?

Use our comparison calculator to find out how much you can save with PiPcall compared to what you are currently or could be paying for mobile phones.

With PiPcall all you need to do is download an app and login to a web portal. From there you can supply your employees with a paid business mobile phone service with the following features:

  • Extremely High Quality Calls
  • Integrated Do Not Disturb Functionality
  • Dedicated Call Plan For Our Phone Within A Phone Solution
  • Differentiated Business Activity
    • Contacts Directory: (securely manage customer phone numbers should an employee leave)
    • Business Voicemail
    • Call History Tracking
    • Ringtone

Manage business contacts

Pain Points

Supplying your employees with a calling app that sits on their personal mobile might not be the most obvious choice if you are used to traditional ways of supplying work mobiles by way of an outdated business mobile phone service, but it will save you up to 90% on telecoms.

What is obvious are the pain points that come with supplying business mobiles or allowing employees to use their own mobile phone without a BYOD tech solution.

The pain points of supplying business mobiles:
The pain points of employees using their personal mobiles:
The pain points of supplying business mobiles:
  • High cost of acquiring, maintaining, replacing and upgrading mobile phones
  • The cost of scaling as more employees come on board
  • Monthly bills that get out of control and are hard to monitor
The pain points of employees using their personal mobiles:
  • Reimbursing personal phone usage
  • Contact information of sellers and buyers sitting in an agent’s personal contacts list. What’s stopping the agent taking all their contacts with them when they leave?
  • No ownership of the “sales number” as it’s the agent’s personal number
Here are some of the reasons why PiPcall and our unique business mobile phone service is different. With PiPcall you can:

Stay in control of your business numbers and keep your employees free from carrying two phones

Trial Our Business Mobile Phone Service Before You Buy

Trialing is worth the small amount of effort for the potential cost savings. Plus, we make it easy to trial. In fact, you can activate your portal and start using the app on your phone in under 5 minutes. Here are some of the features of the trial:

  • No credit card or contract required
  • Set up your whole team via the portal
  • Free and unlimited calls to landline and UK mobiles
  • 100 free international call minutes (selected destinations)
  • Forward calls from a work mobile to the app during the trial
  • Trial PiPcall free for 14 days

If you choose to sign up with us after your 14 day free trial you’ll get 50% off your chosen package. This means you’ll pay as little as £4 per month per user.

Get a separate call plan, phone number, voicemail, contacts list & more all from one app.

What our customers say

PiPcall Features Walk-Through

The PiPcall app is a business phone that sits inside personal smartphones. It replaces the need for business mobiles, potentially saving your business up to 90% on telecoms costs.
Watch as Andrew, our CTO, takes you through a live demo of all the PiPcall features.

iOS Walk-Through

Android Walk-Through