Don’t Double Up On Devices

PiPcall is a quick to download app that is the most cost-effective way to implement an enterprise grade “Bring Your Own Device” solution in your business.

A Choice of Phone Numbers:

With PiPcall you can choose to give your team:

  1. A new mobile number
  2. A new landline number (to their mobile)
  3. The option to quickly and easily port-in an established business number
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Agile App Features:

  • Available on Apple or Android app
  • Provides carrier grade GSM coverage
  • Piggy-backs on your employees current mobile network but doesn’t use their personal voice bundle
  • Rich enterprise features as standard
  • Is cost effective with service from £10/month with generous talk time bundles

Enterprise Features Include:

  • Extremely High Quality Calls
  • Integrated Do Not Disturb Functionality
  • Dedicated Call Plan For Our Phone Within A Phone Solution
  • Differentiated Business:
    • Contacts Directory (securely manage customer phone numbers should an employee leave)
    • Voicemail
    • Call History Tracking
    • Ringtone
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Admin portal and app


Central administration via a web portal

  • Adding new employees
  • Monitoring usage
  • Applying restrictions and limits to activity e.g. international calling
  • Removing terminated employees
  • Re-allocating numbers to new hires

Cut Unnecessary Costs

We believe that the world of business mobile phones is due a radical shift. Carrying two mobile phones at one time is not only inconvenient, it is also an expensive way of facilitating the business communications of your team. Use our comparison calculator to find out how much you can save with PiPcall compared to what you are currently or could be paying for mobile phones.

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Try Our Business Mobile Phone Alternative Free For 14 Days

If you are starting up your business or are an established business seeking to save costs, drive productivity and streamline your business mobile phone solution then try PiPcall free for 14 days!

We are currently offering all new users a free 14 day trial so that they can experience the features and quality of PiPcalls. All you need to do is click on the button below and create your free account.

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