Extend Your PBX Call Recording To Staff Mobiles

Make Your Mobile Calls MIFID-II Compliant

Brokers, traders and advisors making and receiving mobile phone calls that include trade instructions need to be recorded under MIFID-II.

PiPxt is a mobile extension of your PBX phone system. Your call recording system becomes accessible through the PiPxt app, giving your staff the option to record calls out of the office, using their mobile phone, business-owned or personal.


Easy To Use

The app acts as a desk phone on the move. Call recording features and commands extend seamlessly to staff mobiles whether business or personal (at no cost to the user).


Data Security

Company data is kept on your system and never on the mobile phone. Staff gain instant access to the corporate directory within the secure environment of the app. Access is removed if the phone is lost or stolen.

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Don’t Compromise On Call Quality

All calls are made over the dedicated mobile voice network (GSM) and take advantage of the call rates, national and international, from the company PBX.

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Stay Compliant, Anywhere

Call recording on mobiles gives traders, brokers and advisors the flexibility to conduct business and stay compliant away from the office.

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Experience the benefits of extending PBX call recording to mobile phones, free for 30 days.

  • Reduce risk by removing compliance gaps in staff communications.
  • Staff can stay compliant and meet industry regulations no matter where they are
  • Gain valuable business insights and solve customer issues by accessing mobile call recordings
  • Offers greater flexibility for staff to work remotely and still maintain best practices and industry compliance
  • As PiPxt is merely an extension of your PBX system, the storage and accessibility of the recordings are the same as if using a desk phone in the office.
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