Leave your

team to their

own devices

PiPcall replaces the need for IT Managers to supply employees with smartphones


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Discover how PiPcall can replace your business mobiles’ or remove the need for them in the first place.

Enterprise Grade Features

Does the majority of your team carry two smartphones? With PiPcall they don’t need to. Employees use their own mobile device. The app provides a separate business number, contacts directory, voicemail and call and text packages.

Business Number

Use existing business numbers
or assign new ones

Quality Calls

Calls are made over the mobile
network, unlike VoIP

Admin Portal

Manage all users via an app

Dedicated Call Plans

PiP calls and texts don’t use
employees’ personal plans

Business Directory

Keep all business contacts in one
place – separate from personal contacts

Business Voicemail

Dedicated voicemail that is
separate from the personal voicemail

Manage Everything From The Portal

The web-based portal gives an administrator the ability to manage all PiPcall users within the business, including inviting new users and removing existing ones. The portal is created automatically when the administrator signs up to PiPcall.

Admin portal and app


View all users in one place


Invite new users and allocate
new landline or mobile numbers


Remove existing users instantly
but keep the number


Using PiPcall comes with benefits that you won’t get with traditional telephony solutions.
Reduced business costs
Improve your work-life balance
Flexible contracts
Business call quality
Convenient and environmentally conscious
Reduced business costs

Reduce telecoms spend by up to 90%:

  • Eliminates hardware costs
  • Generous call bundles for fixed, mobile and international calls
  • Eliminates phone insurance premiums and replacement costs for lost and damaged devices
  • Reduces admin time for expense reconciliation
Improve your work-life balance

A work phone on your personal phone. Combine personal and business life on one device with separate:

  • Number
  • Call plan
  • Voicemail
  • Contact list
  • Call history and favourites

PiPcall’s “Do Not Disturb” function helps you effectively manage your calls.

Flexible contracts

Makes it easy to allocate phone numbers to your employees for both long and short durations. Ideal for:

  • Full-time employees
  • Short-term contractors
  • Gig workers
  • Zero hours workers

PiPcall doesn’t use your employee’s voice bundles. Plus, it provides separate business billing for easy admin.

Business call quality

Outstanding call quality as the service uses the UK mobile voice network, meaning:

  • Reliable calls
  • High voice quality

Unlike, unstable and poor quality VoIP data calls.

Convenient and environmentally conscious

Reduces the need to buy multiple devices:

  • Helps reduce global smartphone demand therefore saving precious natural resources and wasted energy consumption.

We’re Good With Numbers

Included with the PiPcall app is your choice of a new landline or mobile number. You can choose from a range of UK, Geo-based fixed line and mobile numbers, including:
  • Leeds 0113, Birmingham 0121, Edinburgh 0131, Glasgow 0141, Liverpool 0151, Manchester 0161, Newcastle 0191, London 0203, Belfast 02897 and Cardiff 029.
  • UK 07 mobile numbers
We can incorporate your existing business number(s). Even during the trial. Read more here.

What Our Customers Say

Create Your Free Account In Three Easy Steps

It takes less than five minutes for the administrator to register and access their portal and less than 2 minutes for an employee to download the app and get started.


Register your business


Invite users and allocate
landline or mobile numbers


Make and receive calls and text