The User Guide For Apple

Making PiPcall even simpler

Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in, PiPcall is ready to go to work as your business mobile phone. Even so, we put together some tips to make sure your experience is as seamless and easy as possible.


Click One
Press a contact to call or type in a number and press the phone icon to call. You will hear ringing until the contact answers.

Click Two
The app will connect to the mobile voice network and ask you to confirm the call. Tap the green phone icon to connect the call.

Click here to learn more about 2-click-calling

Call on IPhone

Create business contacts

PiPcall comes with a separate directory where you can store all of your business contacts.

Create a contact

1. Allow PiPcall access to contacts. This makes it easy for you to transfer contacts into your business directory.
2. In the contacts section tap EDIT and then NEW CONTACT
3. Fill in the contact fields.

Transfer personal contacts to business contacts.

1. In the contacts section tap EDIT and then IMPORT PERSONAL CONTACTS
2. Tap on a contact and tap IMPORT
3. View your new contact in the PiP directory.
New contact option on Pipcall mobile

Set up business voicemail

PiPcall comes with a voicemail specifically for your PiPcall business number.

1. Select voicemail.
2. Tap answer to connect to business voicemail.
3. Use the menu to listen and manage messages, set up a business voice message and set up a temporary voice message
Voicemail on phone

Set up your ringtone

  1. Go to your devices native ‘Contacts’ directory
  2. Type in PiP Call In
  3. Tap on PiP Call In
  4. Tap on EDIT
  5. Tap ringtone
  6. Choose your ringtone
iPhone Ringtone

Turn on Do-not-disturb

  1. Click on the PiP icon
  2. Tap DO NOT DISTURB and switch on
  3. Or, tap on “Until you turn this off” for a more advanced option
Do not disturb option on Pipcall mobile