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The Calling App For In-Field Carers

Better Communications For Carers, Without The Cost

The PiPcall app helps in-home care organisations improve their mobile communication for in-field carers whilst significantly reducing cost. The app is a user-friendly “second virtual mobile phone” inside your carers personal mobile, so there is no need to supply work mobiles.
call plan

Separate Call Plan

Calls are made over the GSM network, not VoIP and don’t use personal mobile plans

address book

Dedicated Contacts Directory:

Keep all business contacts in one place – separate from personal contacts


Separate Number

Use existing business numbers or assign new landline or mobile numbers


Differentiated Ringtone:

Allows users to assign a different ring tones for incoming business calls received via PiPcall


PiPcall Voicemail

Dedicated voicemail that is separate from the personal voicemail system


Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

Switch on to have incoming calls sent straight to the business voicemail

Why PiPcall?

PiPcall provides your carers with a second; phone number, voice mail and contact list, keeping a clear separation between personal and work communications. Also included is a separate call bundle so when they make and receive calls their personal voice minutes are not used….. all this on their existing phone.

The portal helps reduce admin workload associated with the teams reclaiming mobile expenses as well as the convenience to manage call costs, and telephone numbers.

Admin portal and app

Personal Mobile Minutes Are Never Used

PiPcall makes calls over the GSM mobile network, unlike VoIP and cloud apps. Read more here. Calls made with the app do not use carers personal mobile minutes. This means you don’t have to worry about individuals being charged for calls.

2 Click Calling

Five Reasons The PiPcall App Works For Carers

PiPcall is the most affordable solution for domiciliary care businesses
And the most convenient solution for in-the-field carers…
PiPcall promotes a healthy work/life balance…
PiPcall is the best BYOD solution to manage calls…
Keeps information 100% protected…
PiPcall is the most affordable solution for domiciliary care businesses

Because PiPcall is an application that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, it removes the need to supply carers with costly hardware. This also removes the cost of hardware repairs and replacements. The physical phone is property of the employee but the app and number is managed by the business.

And the most convenient solution for in-the-field carers…

PiPcall is an excellent cost saving measure but this doesn’t mean in-field carers are at a disadvantage – in fact, it’s much more convenient for them. Carers with two mobile phones can start carrying one without fear work and personal call activity will get mixed. Those using their personal phone and number immediately gain more privacy.

PiPcall promotes a healthy work/life balance…

The ‘do-not-disturb’ feature enables carers to easily divert calls to a business voicemail, leaving them to enjoy their time at home, or holiday. Carers using their personal mobile have no choice but to have patient related communications always coming through their personal number. This can lead to undue stress and can decrease the quality of relaxation time for carers.

PiPcall is the best BYOD solution to manage calls…

By setting up a dedicated ringtone carers will know when they are receiving work related calls. This ensures no calls are missed, normally a feature only available by supplying work mobile phones.

Keeps information 100% protected…

Information stored on PiPcall can be externally wiped. This is useful to keep patient related contact details and call activity private, especially if a carer leaves the company, or loses their mobile phone.

The Problems With Using Personal Mobiles Without PiPcall?

Personal number privacy
Lost information
Mixed data
Making calls uses personal mobile minutes. This seems insignificant but the costs add up over time. Reimbursing carers every month for mobile use becomes very costly due to the administration time involved.
Personal number privacy
Sharing personal numbers with patients and staff removes an element of privacy from the carer. Not being able to distinguish between personal and work calls can cause carers unnecessary stress.
Lost information
Patient information on the phone cannot be retrieved if the carers phone is lost or stolen or the carer leaves.
Mixed data
The patient contact information and call activity gets mixed in with personal call activity.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PiPcall?

Business Benefits

  • No high capital cost of company handsets
  • No expensive insurance, repair and replacement costs
  • No administrative hassle or cost of mobile expenses
  • Keep track of all business calls
  • No complicated infrastructure

Carer Benefits

  • Works on any network and with any smartphone
  • Doesn’t use their personal call plans
  • No need to carry two phones
  • Keeps personal phone numbers private
  • Allows employees to use the mobile device they are most comfortable with

Overcome BYOD Bad Practices

Read how PiPcall overcomes the five bad practices of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) outlined by the NHS and The Information Governance Alliance (IGA).

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