The Portable Business Line

You could spend thousands on a traditional telecoms solution. Or you could save money and create a more agile workforce with PiPcall.

How versatile are your telecommunications? 

Can your staff make business calls outside the office? As a manager you may have been forced to allow staff to make business calls when they’re outside the work premises. But this way of communicating comes at a high cost, such as:

High expenditure on purchasing separate work phones

Wasting admin time calculating staff reimbursements for business calls made on personal devices

Staff making calls via the cloud on personal devices which are low quality, disrupting client communication

With PiPcall you save time and money by enabling employees to make high-quality business calls on their own smartphone wherever they are. Here’s how it works.

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Assign employees a personalised business number

Staff are provided with a personalised business mobile phone number to put into their smartphone. This will be their line of communication for all work-related matters.

  • Employees can choose their own number.
  • Employees’ business number remains separate and private from their own.
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Download the PiPcall App onto smartphones

All calls and text messages are made via the PiPcall app. Once downloaded, employees can communicate freely with colleagues and clients. 

  • Quick and easy to set up
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Staff can make or receive calls on the move

Employees are no longer restricted to communicating via the office landline. Staff can send calls or text messages to colleagues and clients regardless of their location. 

  • Calls are made via the mobile voice network
  • PiPcall works on any network
  • Staff can communicate without draining personal data or minutes
  • Users are able to switch to ‘do not disturb mode’ after work hours
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Manage all users through a centralised online portal

The web-based portal allows administrators to manage all PiPcall users within the business. 

  • Add and remove PiPcall users
  • View all users in one place
  • Provide bespoke PiPcall packages based on individual usage

How is PiPcall different from a softphone?

All calls are made via the Mobile Voice Network (GSM)

PiPcall has been designed to provide users with a premium level of communication by ensuring that all calls are made via the GSM (global system for mobile) network and not data like VoIP apps. 

The GSM network is the universal standard across the globe facilitating seamless transfer of calls whilst maintaining the highest call quality standards. This provides PiPcall users with a range of benefits, including:

  • Higher quality calls
  • Users experience fewer dropped calls
  • Less battery usage for smartphone devices
PiPcall Business Mobile In An App GSM Calling

How does PiPcall compare with traditional business mobile technology? 

In the table below, we compare the functionality of PiPcall against four other, more traditional, mobile solutions.

Comparison table V2

Employer benefits

  • Save up to 83.2% on mobile communications
  • Manage all users via an  online portal 
  • Create a more versatile workforce
  • No high capital cost of company handsets
  • Keep track of all business phone calls
  • Budget-friendly price plans to reduce costs

Employee benefits

  • Employees can make business calls wherever they are
  • Does not use their personal call or text plans
  • Employees are able to send calls to voicemail after hours
  • Allows employees to use their own mobile device
  • No need to carry two phones
  • Employees can keep their personal numbers private


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