This Is Not A Softphone

Business call quality is a prerequisite for any company choosing a phone system. In a market overwhelmed with new calling apps and VoIP services it is easy to become confused and make a choice that simply does not keep you well connected with your team and your customers.

Why PiPcall Is Different?

Instead of making calls through the cloud or VoIP, PiPcall uses the dedicated mobile voice network to guarantee a premium level of communication when making business calls.

Get a separate call plan, phone number, voicemail, contacts list & more all from one app.
GSM voice network

Mobile Voice Network (GSM)

PiPCall has been designed to use GSM (global system for mobile) voice and not data like VoIP apps.

The GSM network is the universal standard across the globe facilitating seamless transfer of calls whilst maintaining the highest call quality standards.

This means PiPcall delivers carrier grade call quality with fewer dropped calls and reduced battery burn, unlike VOIP applications.

PiPcall Works On Any Network

PiPcall is agnostic to carrier and smartphone brands. The app can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device where the coverage and call quality mirrors that of the users existing (host) carrier. No matter what network or device your team use, they will be able to use PiPcall as their business phone.

What Are The Benefits Over Softphones?

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Extremely high quality calls

Call quality is superior to that of VoIP and data based applications. This means that your teams and staff are able to communicate clearly and without disruption.

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Coverage mirrors UK mobile carriers

The greater geographic coverage of voice networks means significantly less dropped calls and full mobility therefore your employees will never miss an important call due to having no WiFi or poor data coverage.

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Personal call minutes are not used

Users won’t be concerned about incurring extra costs to their personal phone as a result of making business calls. This also removes the admin of claiming back call charges.

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