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Business calls on your mobile phone with a second number
Multitasking on your phone just became a lot easier
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Call recording

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The PiPcall app puts a second number on your mobile for added functionality

Have you ever struggled between two different mobile phones to ensure your clients always know who’s calling? Perhaps you’recovering the work of a sick colleague. Maybe you’re juggling two separate roles until a suitable candidate can be found. With the PiPcall app on your device, you can make and receive calls from a separate number.

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Call from two different numbers on the same phone with the PiPcall app
Whether you’re performing two different roles or looking after a colleague’s accounts, you can add a second number to your mobile to ensure all your daily conversations take place on the same device.

Create virtual phone numbers in seconds

The PiPcall app makes adding new numbers to your phone a quick and simple process.

Add existing business numbers

Connect existing numbers used by your business to your mobile — and maintain service consistency for your clients.

Assign new numbers

Assign new mobile numbers for employees using the PiPcall app, and let them text and talk from their virtual number.

Recycle and reassign numbers

When employees leave or projects finish, reassign used numbers to other members of your team using the PiPcall mobile app.

Create blocks of numbers

Buy blocks of mobile and landline numbers to create sequences and patterns that are easily recognisable to your team.

Redirect calls and share numbers

PiPcall’s IVR system allows you to convert real numbers into virtual numbers for redirecting calls to mobiles or sharing call responsibilities with colleagues.

Add UK area codes to virtual numbers

Maintain a seamless customer experience for your clients by adding your UK area code to your virtual number.

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Multitasking on your mobile just became a lot easier
The ability to add a second number to yourmobile phone has the potential to transform the way you work. You can switchseamlessly between roles or client groups without having to switch devices. Andyou can slash the cost of phone rentals and device purchases for your business.
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Enhanced Features

The PiPcall business calling app is designed to have the same features as a desk phone available on personal and business mobile phones.

All Features
Ring groups and queues
Avoid missing or mishandling calls because staff are not connected to the system.
Call routing
Easily route calls to users no matter where they are working
Call monitoring
Extends call monitoring features to mobiles. Keep the same level of operating standards regardless of staff location and hardware.
Call recording
Staff have the option to record calls from multiple devices wherever they are working.
Call transfer
Transfer your calls to another team member within the PiPcall system.
Internal directory
Easily access contact details of other PiPcall users within your organisation straight from the app.