PiPcall, Your Alternative To An eSIM

What Is PiPcall?

PiPcall is a business mobile phone app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone via the apple and android app store.

PiPcall acts like a physical eSIM, equipping the user with a second number, call plan plus other business phone features.

It removes the need to purchase a smartphone with eSIM capabilities to get the benefits.

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PiPcall Is The Best Alternative To Overcome The Limitations Of eSIMs

Streamlined Simplicity
  • It is a simple to download app
  • It is agnostic to carrier – no special tariff from your current provider required
  • Doesn’t need an expensive “eSIM enabled device” – PiPcall is compatible with all Android and Apple iOS devices
Without Limitations
  • Doesn’t use employee call plans
  • High definition calls via the mobile network, unlike VoIP
  • Generous call bundles
  • Simplifies admin with single billing to you or your nominated admin, no matter how big your team
  • Tariffs from as little as £8 per user per month
Advanced Portal Management
  • Add new users
  • Remove existing users instantly
  • Allocate new landline or mobile numbers
  • One centralised bill

A Separate Business Phone As Standard

PiPcall comes with a business number. You can choose from a range of UK, Geo-based landline and mobile numbers, including:

  • Leeds 0113, Birmingham 0121, Edinburgh 0131, Glasgow 0141, Liverpool 0151, Manchester 0161, Newcastle 0191, London 0203, Belfast 02897 and Cardiff 029.
  • UK 07 mobile numbers

We can incorporate your existing business number(s). Even during the trial. Read more here.

virtual phone system app
virtual phone system app

How does PiPcall compare to an eSIM for handling business information? 


Another potential issue for business users of eSIMs is that – as the card is virtual – it cannot be removed from a device – meaning sensitive business information cannot be erased should an employee leave the business.


All business calls and contacts are stored directly in the PiPcall network, which can be easily uninstalled from an employee’s mobile phone, keeping sensitive business information secure and within the business. You can also externally wipe the app if your employee leaves the business or loses their phone – so you can rest assured that your information is secure.

How does PiPcall compare to eSIM for managing work outside the office?


While eSIMs may allow a user to have multiple phone numbers on one device, using this method means there is no respite from work for employees – all calls and business messages come through to their personal device. 


With PiPcall’s in-app ‘do not disturb’ functionality that forwards calls to a business voicemail, your employees have a better work/life balance – which improves productivity by 21% according to a survey from the Corporate Executive Board, which represents 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

Manage business contacts