Forward Thinking – A Simple Call Forwarding App

Don’t You Think Call Forwarding Should Be Better?

Mobility, agility, and availability are all important factors when it comes to running your own business or having overall responsibility for the IT requirements of large teams. Call forwarding is a vital mechanism that has historically presented businesses and business owners with a wide range of challenges.

PiPcall addresses these challenges directly and provides users and owners with a simple call forwarding app that is itself full of executive features.


What Is PiPcall And How Does It Work?

PiP stands for “Phone In a Phone”. It is an app downloaded to your personal smartphone phone that allows you to have two numbers on the same phone – this allows you to split your business and work phones without having to physically carry two phones with you.

What sets it apart from other call forwarding apps are the business phone features which help you avoid the usual pitfalls that come with using other apps.

App Features V2

App Features

Business Phone Number – Choose a new landline or mobile number. You can also forward or port an existing number

Built-In Do Not Disturb – Calls go straight to voicemail without you being notified

Business Quality Calls – Calls are made via the GSM network, unlike VoIP products

Call Plan – Separate call plan with inclusive minutes. Doesn’t use your personal call minutes

More Control – Separate business contacts, voicemail and favourites

Management – Manage multiple users from your dedicated online portal. You can manage users

Forward Your Existing Number

If you have existing business mobile or desk phones it can be difficult to get the most out of a trial. It needs to be part of your day to day operations.

With PiPcall you can forward your existing business number to the app for the duration of the free 14 day trial. Click on the button below to get started.

Forward your number infographic

Why PiPcall Is The Best Simple Call Forwarding App

The app covers the basics of call forwarding with ease. What makes it so great is the flexible call forwarding options it provides:

business call app

Forward landline to mobile – With the PiPcall app you get a separate business number so you can forward your landline calls to this new business number. The advantage is the contact details, call activity and voicemail are all separate from your personal mobile  so your business activity will never get mixed. Plus, returning calls will show your PiPcall number, not your personal number.

Transfer you business number to PiPcall – Take your business phone with you everywhere. Transferring your existing business number to PiPcall means you can make and receive calls using that number from your smartphone. You can even test this out during the free trial!

14 Day Free Trial

Experience Quality Call Forwarding – Free For 14 Days!

Experience the call quality of PiPcall for 14 days completely free of charge

Features Of The Trial:

  • No credit card or contract required
  • Set up your whole team via the portal
  • Free and unlimited calls to landline and UK mobiles
  • 100 free international call minutes (selected destinations)
  • Forward calls from a work mobile to the app during the trial
  • Trial PiPcall free for 14 days

If you choose to sign up with us after your 14 day free trial you’ll get 50% off your chosen package. This means you’ll pay as little as £4 per month per user.

Manage business calls

Avoid The Downsides Of Traditional Call Forwarding


Confidentiality and balance
The number needs to be forwarded from one phone to another phone. This means two things:
  • You need to be already paying for a fixed line phone system
  • You need a work mobile to forward the calls to. Otherwise business contacts are being sent to personal phones

Diverting desk-side calls received via a static deskphone to a mobile phone often requires a great deal of hardware/software set-up, is plagued by connectivity issues and can suffer from dropouts.

Confidentiality and balance

If you don’t supply mobile phones to employees you are expecting them to make and receive calls on their personal mobile phones. This leads to many serious problems:

  • Reimbursement of personal mobile use which you have no control over
  • Client information and contacts being taken away from your business with the employee leaves
  • Work-life balance of employees can suffer