Get your team onboard

PiPCall doesn’t use personal call plans.

Your employees’ get a paid business mobile phone service with separate numbers on their own smartphone.

A business phone but better

The PiPcall app is the simplest way for you and your team to get business calls and more on smartphones. It replaces the need for:
  • Desk phones
  • A second mobile device
  • Giving out your personal number
  • Forwarding from a landline number


Long-term employer benefits

  • No high capital cost of company handsets
  • No expensive insurance, repair and replacement costs
  • No administrative hassle or cost of mobile expenses
  • Keep track of all business calls
  • No complicated infrastructure
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Instant employee benefits

  • Works on any network and with any smartphone
  • Doesn’t use their personal call plans
  • No need to carry two phones
  • Keeps personal phone numbers private
  • Allows employees to use the mobile device they are most comfortable with

14 day free trial

Try PiPcall free for 14 days. No credit card or contract required.

After the trial take advantage of our special introductory offer and get 50% off all packages.

PiPcall package

✓ 14 day free trial
✓ New landline or mobile number
✓ Port an existing business number
✓ Unlimited UK mobile & landline calls**
✓ Do-not-disturb
✓ Business voicemail
✓ Business contacts directory
✓ Business call history
✓ 100 international call minutes (from £3)

Ways to pay after the trial.


Monthly cost.
12 month contract. Payable upfront.*


Monthly cost.
12 month contract. Payable monthly.*


Monthly cost.
Rolling one month contract.*

*Per user. Ex VAT. **Fair usage applies.

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