Keep your business communicating with the phone system built for mobile.

The Mobile-led Business Phone System For A More Agile Workforce

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Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Avoid being tied to the desk phone and make business calls on the go.

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High-Quality Calls

Phone calls are made through the GSM network to guarantee premium call quality.


Easy To Set Up

Installation is done virtually and can be set-up within 24 hours.


Zero Cost To The User

Staff can make work-related calls and texts without using their personal plan.


Manage Users From An Online Portal

Oversee and tighten business communications by bringing everything together in the one place.

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Save Up To 83% On Your Telecoms Spend

Call and text packages are personalised and start at £4.50 per month.

All The Features Of A Business Phone System Without The Hardware, Setup Time Or Cost


Assign Business Numbers

Port existing or choose new numbers for your business and employees.


Contacts Directory

Keep all of your business contacts stored in the PiPcall app and separate from your personal phone book.


Call History

Stay on-top of all business calls by keeping a record of all your inbound  and outbound calls.


Direct Inbound Calls To Employees

Redirect inbound calls from your main number to Pip users in multiple ways.


Text Messaging

Send clients and colleagues text messages as you would normally on your personal device.


Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

Maintain a healthy work-life balance with the ‘do not disturb’ function. Work-related calls will be sent to your business voicemail.


Separate Ringtones

Select your business ringtone to differentiate work-related calls from personal ones.


Master Voicemail

The master voicemail will catch any unanswered calls. An email containing an MP3 recording of the message can then be emailed to a user or distribution list.

No desk phones. No physical installations. Ndisruptions to your business line. 

Enjoy a more dynamic way of communicating that will help your business grow. 

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