The Mobile Extension To Your Business Phone System

PiPxt is a fully featured phone extension to your company’s PBX phone system, in a mobile app.

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High-Quality Calls

All calls are made over the dedicated mobile voice network (GSM) and take advantage of the call rates, national and international, from the company PBX.


Desk Phone Features

All features offered by your company’s phone system, such as call recording, call transfer, group extensions, integrated CRM and IVR call routing, become applicable to mobile users.

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Easy To Set Up

Staff make and receive work-related calls from any location on their business-owned or personal mobile device, at no cost to them.

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Extend Your PBX Features To Staff Mobiles

Staff members are instantly connected to the business phone system via an easy to use app available to download from the Apple and Android stores.

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Call Recording

Your call recording system becomes accessible through the PiPxt app, giving your staff the option to record calls out of the office, using their mobile phones.

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CRM Click-To-Dial

Monitor and record call activity from mobile phones straight into your CRM by extending click-to-dial to staff mobile phones.

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DDI Numbers

Extend the desk phone, including the DDI number to Staff mobiles. They make and receive work-related calls from any location on their business-owned or personal mobile device, at no cost to them.


Call Routing

Include staff mobiles in your call routing set up without customising existing call routing and call forwarding rules. 


Call Controls

Your sales and customers service management tools link directly to staff mobile calls. Monitor and act on wall boards, call distribution, wrap time, calls per hour and call distribution no matter where your staff are located. 


Data Security

Company data is kept on your system and never on the mobile phone. Staff gain instant access to the corporate directory within the secure environment of the app. Access is removed if the phone is lost or stolen.


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