The Best Business Mobile Phone Deals, Don’t Include Business Mobile Phones

From just £4.50 per month, the PiPcall app allows your employees to make business calls, text messages and more from their personal smartphone.

Free 30 Day Trial

Try out PiPcall free for 30 days to get the benefits of a business mobile service without the business handsets

PiPcall Business Mobile In An App Zero Cost To The User

What Do You Get With Pipcall?

PiPcall is a portable business line staff use to make business calls on their own devices, at any location. There are two main features of PiPcall:

  • The app
  • The online portal
PiPcall Business Mobile Phone In An App Is Easy To Set Up

One App For All Of Your Business Mobile Calls and Texts

The PiPcall app operates as a virtual sim on your smartphone, allowing you to make work-related calls – using the mobile voice network, not internet calling – just as you would with your personal mobile number.

Zero cost to the user

PiPcall uses the GSM network to make calls, not internet calling.

Make calls on the go

Use the PiPcall app to contact clients and colleagues wherever you are.

A dedicated call plan

Assign staff bespoke call plans based on usage.

Manage App Users From The Online Portal

The web-based portal gives an administrator the ability to manage all PiPcall users within the business, including inviting new users and removing existing ones. The portal is created automatically when the administrator signs up to PiPcall.

Save up to 83% on mobile communications

PiPcall offers a range of flexible plans for you to assign to staff based on their usage.

Add and remove as many users as you like

Effortlessly add and remove users via the portal as your team changes in size.

Build a mobile solution that suits your team

Assign mobile or landline business numbers based on user preferences

Cost-efficient and flexible

With multiple plans to choose, it’s easy to allocate business numbers, and call and text plans to employees for both long and short durations.



Environmentally Friendly

  • Smartphone production represented just 1% of the carbon footprint in 2007 and, according to the researchers, will top 14% by 2040
  • Using PiPcall, instead of a business mobile phone, helps reduce global smartphone demand therefore saving precious natural resources and wasted energy consumption
PiPcall Business Mobile IN An App - Environmentally Friendly

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